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Здравствуйте уважаемые трейдеры. Сразу к теме. Помогите пожалуйста вот с такой задачей: Торгую у ИнстаФорекс, руб. счет (4-х знак), плечо 1к1000, пара eur-chf. Спред 3п. Мне нужно брать всего по одному пункту прибыли со сделки. Просадка должна быть максимум 5-6п. Таких сделок нужно открыть хотя бы раз 5-10 за день. Т.е. нужно приличное количество сделок с прибылью с каждой по 1 пункту. Перепробовал кучу индикаторов и желаемого результата нет. Нужно что то для таймов от м1 до м15. Может посоветуете что нибудь???


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Try to work from the levels on these timeframes. Drawdown is drawdown, and your feet will still catch. With such stops in 5-6pp, they mainly work on gold futures time from M1, currency pairs are too volatile for such "drawdowns". And yet, are you sure that Insta will pay profit from the 1st point ?
Yes. Insta is not against such deals. And this type of pipsovki I need because: I am a member of an affiliate program that pays$ 16 for 1lot. If I have any amount and I salt it from the first transaction, then all the lost funds will still be returned to my wallet. Even more
Already checked! Payments are made even if the transaction was unprofitable.


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Then I don't see any obstacles. Trade for your own pleasure, if you really have such great conditions.


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signal crossing the zero line and changing the color of the histogram. allert crashes with a beep. works in all frames
I do not know why everyone assumed that Insta does not read such scalping transactions
I have made such deals many times. It happened that for a few seconds and there were no problems with the output. In addition, I asked them about time limits, to which they replied that they do not have any


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By the way, can I tell you more about the affiliate program? This is only on Insta so you can or can any broker work like this? Although, what is thought, or that I do not have it all figured out, or someone who is cheating)) Or there are some additional conditions. Well, I can recommend my vehicle for which I have not been working for so long. Bonus System) Write in PM if that, you give me an affiliate program, I'll give you a system)
Good day to all! Very interested in what kind of affiliate program do you have? Some conditions are very tempting.But something is still a little alarming . Let's voice it, and then we will develop a strategy together for such trading.
I'm not greedy. I will tell you of course. The only thing you need is to open an account with Insta with a leverage of 1k1000. The scheme works at 100% I rarely visit Here, so who needs information, please add in Skype konstantin-gorgun


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D no like, you can at least 3-5 points without problems can be removed from the market constantly.... But everything depends on the broker's trading conditions, the spread should not exceed 1 point, and the leverage is enough for 1k500. If you open an account for $ 100, you can open a 0.2 lot that is equal to 1 point to $ 2, each transaction can bring 6-10 dollars and you can make 10 transactions per day and eventually get 60 or 100 dollars of profit. Of course, if the money is bonus, you can safely try, 1-2 days of hard trading and 100% increase to the Deposit. Only need a recipe to cook cats.


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Well, who prevents you from opening/closing and waiting for the next signal? The regulation deals with the frequency of opening transactions, not the time to keep them open. I was removed from the profit when I often worked with orders and with locks in particular, but when I refused to do this in the trading strategy, while maintaining the "framework", the profit was withdrawn. Both on bonuses and on a real account, I checked more than once... In General, it doesn't matter how many points you earn, the only thing is that it seems that not all DC allow you to put takes closer than the size of the spread, but again, no one prevents manual closing.


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Pros where not to look tend to the ratio of take at least twice as much as stop

There is a small pattern, they say, on the minute frame-after the closing of the minute candle-the price tends to roll back at least a little

you can also increase the probability by trading during the minimum volatility-in the Asian session

It's easier to automate all this and run it as an expert Advisor on history

Rebates I think this is all bullshit, there are brokers with a fixed spread on the Euro in 1 pips, this is better than rebates will be