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I will say one thing that professionals do not think about it, the market is balanced, the ratio of 1 to 2 is not better than 1 to 1, or 1 to 7 is not better than 1 to 1. everyone has exactly as many pros and exactly as many cons. It's just that traders think so by closing one or more of these trades in the black. The market is a market it still takes and equalizes to a 1:1 balance almost any advantage of the trading system. The main thing here is consistency and keep the curve straight without a strong deviation, and no matter what ratio the trader uses, all methods are the same, but everyone's views on them are different and this does not make the profit more.

There are brokers that give a spread of 0.2 points per Euro, that's where you can just do tricks with 1 point movement, for example, there are some candles that are not difficult to see here they give every time from 1 to 3 points of profit, 1 point is always possible to take, but the minus is that the Commission itself eats up this 1 point by 80%, so the spread itself is evil in the Forex market.


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The huge Disadvantage of this system (1 point) is that the spread from each trade takes too much on itself

And if the goals in the vehicle are for example 50-100 points, then the impact of this spread is 50-100 times less

Most likely in such a system (1 point) takes will be 6-7 times more than stops (if the stop is 6 points and the market is chaos), but due to such a large influence of the spread, trading will steadily go into negative territory

You need to check, maybe there really are some magic candles visible
then this is a pattern

The adviser on such a system is not very difficult, but it will also be necessary to catch the moments of minimum spreads


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I agree that the minus of such a system is the Commission that eats up all the profit, and I do not consider such a system worthy of attention, why we started talking about 1 point, 1 point is the very inefficiency of the market in fact in the hands of the Grail if of course there would be no spread and commissions for transactions.

In principle, the same method can be applied in older TF that will give more than 5-10 points, but again, the minus of such a system is time, such candles do not come out often and can be easily overlooked, I'm talking about certain pin bars with a strict condition, such a system will work but not for me, who likes it and will apply. Adviser I think it is unlikely to work, it will be better if the adviser will send a signal to the computer or phone and then decide at your discretion whether the signal was correct or not.


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On Forex, such a thing will not work, but on CME it is already more real...there is a brokerage and exchange Commission less than one tick!) For Example, a Euro futures tick costs $ 12.5, and the largest entry fees were $ 3.5))) Traders trading on the NYSE take only a cent or two from the transaction, but they are filled in with a huge volume and go out through different ECNs in which they pay for taking liquidity and exposing it) And on currencies at most for minutes to distort) To stand in the spread, you need to look at least in the glass and in the tape...catch large applications and who prints where) The market maker on the MICEX started from the age of 14 engaged in wanking...they started paying extra money and they themselves demolish large applications, and it seems that only the impulse went, as some bastard immediately pays off( this was not the case Before.


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It is best to use a grid. There is a corresponding section on the forum. There you can find a lot of options to open before opupeniya transactions and get not only a refund of the spread, but also that there is an affiliate program. Other methods are unlikely to give something Acceptable (indicators there, etc. are not designed for Pipsing).


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Yes, your task is not simple. Only you have a profit-to-loss ratio of about one to one. And the stop will work for small movements. But I don't say anything about profit. If you want the indicator and constantly fall into the 10 ku. Then the indicator will not help you. Because indicators are usually late for the market. And you will get this situation. The indicator will show the entry point, you will place an order, and then the correction will close the deal on the stop loss. Look for information trading from levels as well as reversals etc And try it without indicators, but only on the search for such points.
The first post says that the spread is 3P. + 1P. profit, total 4 for the market, stop no more than 6. in fact, the transaction is 1 to 1.5. and on the Deposit 1 to 6) But this will not change anything much, because the profit is 1P, and stop 6P. will pour the balance exclusively down. But no rebate is enough to even the score even at zero. the idea is really not real.


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I look at all your comments on different branches and see the following-hee-hee da ha-ha, all fools, and I (and only I) to the knee...But you can't point out errors(errors from your point of view) in any way... Or advise sensible literature on the subject of trade, where there is less water and more cymus, and you with your experience should know a lot of useful things.


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I really have enough experience...you can train an army of traders and they will all work profitably, 15 minutes after the start of training.The main thing is that traders have money on their deposits to work with.

What do you need knowledge for? to work on a non-demo Deposit? or do you have money to work on a real Deposit?

Without money, knowledge is useless, so it is not enough to spend effort on training de-graders.And You yourself do not say anything about it,but only wait for someone to lead You by the handle through a minefield.Advertise your wishes more actively and there will be a lot of offers.And if you keep silent, then someone knows who needs what...


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Dear colleague Konstantin 357! It's not about the currency pair you use, or the indicators. It's about the ratio of profit to stop. You have essentially is a 1/5. You need to use at least 1/1. Otherwise, you have only one stop for 5 profits and You are at zero. And if 2 or 3 stops. And try a pair with a smaller spread! Good profits to You!


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The result of work in 5 hours.

Pipsovka with a profit goal of 1 ... + points.

These are cents.

Initial Deposit = 112 cents.

The profit for 5 hours is more than 10%.

If you work this way for a month, the profit will be 350%

When trading, we used technical and candle analysis + chuyka and intuition

Work not a minute

https://forexdengi.com/attachment.php?s=c24d022c311f5518f8cbd0a98ea14020&attachmentid=1288910&d=1474283987&thumb=1 "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
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Well, this is a banal attempt to earn money on the return of the spread-there were already many such attempts on the forum, both in the manual version and with the help of expert advisors.So far, no one has achieved any really acceptable results.I also dig in this direction and more or less acceptable results are obtained by using a grid of orders with averaging.Just close with the General minimum plus and that's it.But there are still enough difficult moments -you can average up to the actual Deposit drain.And no affiliate program will pull you out.
I do not know how you do scalping with such spreads, this is simply not possible, I traded on futures in UT, but there you can more or less Heidi on the market with adequate spreads.Well, if your trading strategy works for you, then earn well!
Why not count it? Score. For a person who uses this method of work, will merge everything to a penny.

It won't work all the time. Only until the drain.

I advise you to abandon this idea. And turkeys-this is generally a complete tin.

Minute TF was invented by the enemies of the people. Unambiguously (with)
It seems to me that one day of trading is not worth focusing on, you need at least 6 months to trade like this, and then make a conclusion on the forecast for the future, if the horse depot does not merge earlier. In fact, any strategy can make a profit, because the main thing is not to deviate from it, I always think if someone merges - then at the other end someone earns, although in fact it is.


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Well, 1 point-somehow not serious. You need to take at least 10 points for one transaction. Even if it is 0.1 lots, on a ruble account it is more than 50 rubles of profit. If you trade on 4 currency pairs, then you get points and a profit of more than 200 rubles. But this is under the most optimistic forecasts.