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You can also scalp for a minute, the main thing is to look at 5 minutes in which direction the trend is directed. It is also important for any scalper to trade at the beginning of the European session - the end of the American one. There is no point in trading at night. And the news output also needs to be taken into account when trading, otherwise you can merge everything.


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is it if there are 10 transactions at the same time ? I tried testing 15 to 10 and 10 to 5, still 3 hours and 3-4 trades maximum, 10 only for the whole day, but the spread of 3 for 10 points is critical, or do you stop 1 to 1 ? if you can give an example ?

it's a matter of time, but 3 positions behind my eyes for the whole day, with a full-fledged take, and manually fixed much less and, accordingly, the risk of losing everything, the best case I had in overclocking was 3 involved and 1 to 2 ratio.
1 point can be done as follows: after opening the hourly candle, open (sorry for the tautology) a deal in the direction of the previous candle. Usually always works, the more 1 point is exactly worked out. Although the landing, of course, is small, this may not work. But still try it, it should work
I think it will not work very much because here on Insta spreads are large,and if you trade without spreads then the Commission will take too much and not go far, understand the losses they will also be, and sit to kill a lot of time to go a little plus I think it will exhaust your nerves so that sooner or later you will get tired of this style and you will want something else to trade.


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There is one simple method that does not require anything other than minimal knowledge of the work of the MetaTrader. Go to the investing website, register on it, and find the technical analysis tab. Set it up as follows: choose currency pairs with a minimum spread, preferably, set timeframes for 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour. All your settings will be saved if you are logged in with your username. You can Actively buy or actively sell on the first three timeframes at once, preferably on four, and open an order.


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Well, that's exactly what you're wrong about. When trading on daily charts, the bigger the take, the better. I have tested my strategy over the past 5 years, with ratios of 1 to 1, 1 to 2 , 1 to 0.5

And the best results in terms of the amount of profit, of course, showed a ratio of 1 to 2.

So do not make erroneous conclusions where you do not know
Yes, I don't really like the execution here, the delays are very strong, especially when the price goes very strongly in some direction,this happens on the news, for example, I have had cases when I couldn't close the deal because the price was flying,it went in my direction and passed my profit,and I couldn't close it,here of course it bothers me a lot,I don't know


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I can advise you to use trading advisors. Previously, there was a great expert Advisor auto-profit, thanks to which you could take from 1 to n number of points, depending on the settings. In addition, the EA allows you to set stops. as a rule, orders are placed on a grid, but the volume can be adjusted either fixed or progressive.

I don't know how this expert Advisor trades now, I haven't heard any complaints yet.


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A strange desire to earn one point, although three out of four trades can work on the stop, apparently you want to earn money on the rebate? I really did not consider this direction, but it still depends on what lot to open a position, but if this is how you fundamentally earn one point, then trade from the support and resistance levels, this is an opportunity to earn more, even though the educator me, why do you need all this?
Good day! I believe that it is not reliable to open more than 2 transactions at the same time on different currencies, well, at least for me, and in General the author says that during the day ten transactions, and not ten at the same time to be opened.
In General, I do not welcome expert advisors, I like to rely more on my vision of the market, and I trade exclusively without tools, but there is one exception - this is stochastic with periods of 5,3,3 (I rarely use It). And where can I find such an adviser? I would like to test it on a demo.


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Alexey Google the Internet, you will find many sites where you can download the expert Advisor. The latest version I installed - Auto-profit 3.0
Thanks! I'll try it sometime. And the human brain, as usual, is looking for where you can profile, and as usual it turns out that "you're all in the red", fill it up again, and let's not waste time in vain. And have "Our song is good to start from the beginning"))).


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Auto-profit 3.0 - I also like that expert Advisor. Very good. especially if you test it, the depot increases

on eyes.

you can adjust it to your depot. The robot's instructions are also not complicated.

The newcomer will also understand.


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In fact, my advice is simple: drop the idea. IMHO. Such strategies can show results before the first stop or a series of stops. you don't have the expectation on your side. you'll just be draining your Deposit.


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Why do you need one point, this is very small, you can normally, almost without risk, calmly take 30-50 points. It's easier to trade this way myself, I once had the idea that you can take 10 points fixed. But now I trade normally, in a different way, at least 50 points per transaction per day, with almost minimal risks.


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1 point in one transaction.

There may be 50 or 100 such transactions per day.

If one trade with a profit of 1 point has a profit of $ 10, then 500 or 1000 dollars will be traded per day, so I earned it.

And to get a profit of 30 or 50 points, it is necessary that one open transaction was in operation all day, or maybe several days.

As a result, you will sit at the monitor and wait until you get a profit.

If the market is in a narrow range, for example, in 20 points, then 1 point profit will be accumulated. And in your version, you will not wait for your 50 points.


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Most likely, to achieve this goal, you will have to use an expert Advisor that can trade automatically. It should be able to open a network of pending orders and track the total profit. There will also need to be locking orders. That is, trade will have to be conducted simultaneously in both directions. And in case of a large drawdown of the Deposit, from which no one is insured, you should be able to close the network of orders at the maximum acceptable loss. There's no other way.