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If you carefully consider even the minimum timeframe - the minute one-you will see that the price moves in a ladder and the step is several points. Trading at 1 point does not make any sense. It is easier to put a regular Zigzag indicator on a minute chart and take 3 -6 points, for example. And it is best to take two Moving Average 5 and 10 periods or 10 and 20 periods and trade at the same time-it is not easier to think of, but there will be 5-10 points per transaction and it will certainly make more sense.


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You don't need any indicators your strategy obichna and you will merge anyway .

A drawdown of 5-6 PP from the bottom of 3 PP is a spread, that is, 3 PP on the stop . It can only be piped at night like this. But it all comes down to one 1 PP in + and 5-6 in minus, so to be at zero, you need 6 times more profitable trades than unprofitable ones . That is, you will open 7 trades in + and one in minus = 1 PP in + . A strategy with a fucking negative mathematical expectation.

Summary: you don't need to trade like this.