100% profit per month (or 5% per day) - I Propose to discuss my trading system


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Husarov , please, please!

Very interesting, I think, I'm not the only one who urgently needs a lot of money.

Just last month, 100% was made, but it's not 5% a day, the main profit was brought by a couple of transactions, but on a permanent basis, we'll see if this happens.

The risks were overstated, I can't say that I traded calmly.


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Yes, I haven't posted the description yet. It's even correct to say that I haven't written it yet...

The entry and exit rules are visually clear from the screenshots, although I enter the market using the lower indicator..

I will try to make up the trading rules for the system soon.

And indicators...

I'll find out how to attach the indicators...


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Figured out how to attach files to the message.

I have not yet gained experience on the forum.


And it should be added that the three penultimate indicators require additional settings on your terminals in various DC and brokerage offices...

I select the values of indicators by experimentally sorting through the values. The main thing is to change the sensitivity of the three indicators ...


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Dear Scalper,

In accordance with Your comment, I figured out and laid out the trading system.

If you find it interesting to test this system, please share your opinion and recommendations based on your observations and results.

Don't forget about additional settings for the three penultimate indicators...
Thank you for the suggestion, but I haven't been on the road with indicators for several years. I've been trading a clean chart for a long time.

Now it is not possible to check the indicators on the new terminal (for redrawing), and I do not want to pollute the working terminal, it already weighs 700 MB (due to long-term data on volumes). But at first glance-a few points.

1. If you only trade on the lower indicator, what is the point of clogging up the chart with everything else? This is pointlessly overloading both the terminal and the eyes.

2. The three penultimate indicators remind me of the appearance of one indicator that I came across a long time ago. Visually, it's the same thing. So that is the indicator to the horror of redrawing.

3. If you have to select the parameters of indicators, this is enough to throw them away. All these selections are an attempt to deceive yourself and prove that with some secret settings, the drain indicator will be the Grail.

4. Put all the indicators (which are under the chart) in the strategy tester and check for redrawing. In my experience, all such prefabricated systems (made in the same colors) are paid nonsense aimed at luring money from inexperienced beginners who are led to beautiful color images. Over time, all of them fall into free access, but they are profitable because of this, alas, do not become.


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This is not a paid system... And not someone else's, which I found in the Internet... And I changed the colors myself for clarity...

Of course, all indicators help you make decisions, some for entering and others for exiting...

But there are no secret settings. All settings are necessary only for the sensitivity of indicators.

But, in any case, thank you for the comment. I'll take Your recommendations into account...


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I assume that you really need detailed instructions for trading on this trading system.

It does contain more sensitive signals from The snakeforce indicator, which can be difficult to recognize. And there are already accurate signals of the TREND SESSION indicator. Some signals may signal the appearance of others, and so on.

Therefore, anyone who has an interest in my system, please be patient and wait for the completion of the detailed instructions for use.

If I write, I'll post it...


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In the properties of the three ForexMT4Systems_Cycle indicators, you must change the Length value from 2,3,...,7,...11,...33,... etc.

For example: time period M5

Iterate through any values from 1 to large digits and watch for changes in indicator signals.

I set the lowest of these indicators to be sensitive. It should indicate all significant changes to the schedule.

https://forexdengi.com/attachment.php?s=c24d022c311f5518f8cbd0a98ea14020&attachmentid=1560763&d=1499781709&thumb=1 "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
Name: ForexMT4Systems_Cycle 1. png
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ID: 1560763" class="thumbnail" style='margin-top: 10px'>[/url]

The second one from below is less sensitive. It will indicate the major peaks of the chart.

[url=https://forexdengi.com/attachment.php?s=c24d022c311f5518f8cbd0a98ea14020&attachmentid=1560765&d=1499781792][img]https://forexdengi.com/attachment.php?s=c24d022c311f5518f8cbd0a98ea14020&attachmentid=1560765&d=1499781792&thumb=1 "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
Name: ForexMT4Systems_Cycle 2. png
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ID: 1560765" class="thumbnail" style='margin-top: 10px'>[/url]

The third-low-sensitivity-global peaks-reversals.

[url=https://forexdengi.com/attachment.php?s=c24d022c311f5518f8cbd0a98ea14020&attachmentid=1560767&d=1499781863][img]https://forexdengi.com/attachment.php?s=c24d022c311f5518f8cbd0a98ea14020&attachmentid=1560767&d=1499781863&thumb=1 "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
Name: ForexMT4Systems_Cycle 3. png
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ID: 1560767" class="thumbnail" style='margin-top: 10px'>[/url]

If you change the time period (timeframe), you must change the settings.

In other words, define a convenient time frame (M5, ... M30, ... H1) and configure the terminal once.


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Well, I'll lay it out as an example, although in my opinion monitoring can't tell you anything about the trading system...

<a class="mt5-inner-image]

The report can tell you about the trader himself, since this is a manual trading system. And the decision on transactions is made by the trader and not by the algorithm. In this case, the human factor plays an important role.

Even with high-quality signals, I myself sin impatiently and get ahead of events, make mistakes, endlessly strive to make an entry at the peak, and I see peaks at every signal.

Therefore, not my monitoring but Your monitoring will be the main evaluation of any system.

Good luck!


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I have no idea about automation. I'm not very good at programming... And I don't want to go into it anymore. My main interest is trading with my hands.

And I do not really represent this expert Advisor, since the indicators are sensitive to the timeframe, currency pair and broker, perhaps...


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Very interesting strategy. It will be necessary to try opening deals somehow. Can I use it on a mobile app? Can you tell me? Or is it configured only on the computer?

Aurum Lupus

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The basement for which the trader makes a decision, only that he calmly drew 2 candles, so in the furnace. Mr. snake is also a notable draughtsman.


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So sure 5% profit per day. And drawdowns? Or do you work with your feet?

Is it being tested on your live account? You don't give the investor's password? I want to watch in real time.

What are the trading volumes for which Deposit?

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There's nothing to discuss.

The strategy consists of redrawing indicators.

Everyone has long tried them out and thrown them in a known place..

The profitability of this strategy is only in the author's imagination..