Forex Formula 1 trading strategy"


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Thank you for your attention to this topic.

Yes, the question about the strategy is quite legitimate. However, it is very difficult to describe everything in detail in the forum format.

As I wrote, the international system of market makers (banks, etc. - see above) has adopted a certain set of documents, according to which these same banks influence the free fluctuation of prices for financial instruments used in the Forex market, in order to prevent unnecessarily sharp jumps. It is this limitation of fluctuations that is used in my trading strategy.

At the moment, the TS is a theoretical calculation of how to use fluctuations of currency pairs relative to each other, taking into account restrictions. And since it is supposed to take these fluctuations into account on tick data, the manual method is absolutely not real.


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I don't quite understand you.

How to correlate the ticks of currency pairs with the mutual fluctuations of these same pairs - I have already developed everything myself.

The problem is to implement this in the form of program code.

At the moment, all the technical part of everything that should be implemented, I'm combing my hair, so to speak.

Well, at the same time, I hope to find a programmer who will be interested and together with me will bring to mind.

Although I am more and more inclined to the fact that I will have to order on the side.

Well, let's see, it's not burning for me yet.


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Analogy is a great way to explain

Consider the modern system of functioning of the economy.

The state, represented by its various bodies, creates conditions for doing business (infrastructure, rules/legislation), as well as a regulatory system (control, supervision, law and order). And the better the state does it, the more developed the market is, the more competition there is.

What is the chance for a beginner to start a business from scratch in such conditions and become successful? Yes, almost any! Somewhere 90-95% chance to burn out, i.e. almost the same chance as in the Forex market.

Go further.

Sometimes the state decides that it can participate more actively in some market sector, so to speak. The goals of this can be different (importance for the state, support programs, get super-profits, etc.). the most Striking example of such participation in the history of the world economy is the application of "prohibition". In many ways, it is because of him that organized crime groups have flourished in many countries of the world (including the United States and Russia). That is, with the introduction of any restrictions (such as, for example, "dry law", any types of taxes and fees that are inflated in relation to some goods in comparison with others, trade restrictions - you can list endlessly), additional, most often illegal ways to earn money appear. And of course, the state uses its punitive apparatus to stop any illegal actions of market agents.

By analogy with the considered example, the Forex market also has a so-called "more active participation" of the regulators of this market. And this participation (consisting in a package of accepted documents), in contrast to the market price movement, has an additional non-market impact on the price, in order to smooth out sharp micro-peaks. However, unlike the economy, the Forex market does not provide punitive sanctions against those who can benefit from it.

So why not try to use this situation for your own purposes?

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How can all this be materialized into money?


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So one person wanted to find out from another how switching programs on the TV from the remote control works and asked about it.

The depth of the response can be different, depending on many factors, such as, for example, the amount of information that needs to be met, or the readiness of the questioner to perceive the information received, or the same thing, but already for the Respondent.

The answer may be this: I pointed the remote at the TV and pressed the button with the desired number corresponding to the program number.

Or maybe this - pointed the remote control at the TV, pressed the button with the desired number, from the batteries went energy to such and such a capacitor, then to another, and so on to the device that will give out an IR beam of a certain frequency\length in the direction of the TV.

In relation to the vehicle, even the second option of the answer does not explain anything, it requires a much deeper approach.

So in the vehicle, this approach takes up about 10 A4 sheets in the 12th font in the word.

And you ask:

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I then asked that question because of just the same understanding of the first option. If I understand the first option and the result suits me, then you can dig deeper, up to the second option, or even deeper. The main thing is to understand the performance of the "parameters". And you write about the economy, almost about politics. I understand if you said, "Kim Jong-UN is my friend, there will be a bomb test tomorrow." And you report that such information will be told to you in a day. You and I will salt the buck against the yen, the tests are passing. We close the chocolate poses and go fishing, to Madagascar!

What about you? While a philosophy.

I have a system. When I'm bored, I link a condition with an alert to the system on a separate account, throw a bunch of tools and watch movies, devour cherries or read books with children, catch a "fish" with my ear. Out of 20 bites, I filter 15 with my own eyes and do not take them, but open 5 deals. I know the system. I know the exhaust.

In the meantime, you have a TV remote with unsigned buttons.