How to take from 1 to 3 points


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So why do you need long candles? If we are still inclined to scalping, then 10-20 points will be enough for us, and such news is enough. Given example:

Yesterday, the pound cluster of news at 11:30 was.

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We look at the market reaction. "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
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And we see that 20 points could have been safely made. I certainly didn't take 20. But here are my trades on the pair at this point.

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The price was sliding, so I couldn't use all the potential.

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I'm sorry, of course, but You (let's say You) contradict yourself. Talk about scalping (a few points 3-10 (30-100) per trade), and at the same time, you regret that you took 15 (150) points of profit instead of 20 (200). But the results are not bad. (However, I prefer the EURUSD pair).

I think What you said was just a modest desire to earn more money. I also meant when I wrote about long candles. But I agree that you can earn money on any candles, there are different strategies. An example of one of the options for the price movement strategy for any candlesticks in the app. The profit for one working day at 6 o'clock was 12.8% of the Deposit of$ 500 .

There is also a demo account history with a profit of about 20% per day in the app.

I must say that there are strategies that allow you to earn (at least a little, but it's better than nothing) with, as it were," no movement " of the price (creak 7PO-10-32-06-B3). The system earned a profit of$ 14.78 on 11 orders on one M15 candle.


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I'm not sorry that I did not take the full potential of nousta, and to take it was impossible, the market is usually in the news, do not know is specially made by the broker or not, so normal-slip, and in fact if you're trying to enter the market suppose sell for 1,300, that really will be able to enter in a good case 1,308-1,310, that is 5-10 points just praskolesy. This should also be taken into account when developing a scalping vehicle.

victor kaskad

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To account for slippage, there is a Slippage parameter in the price. On 4 signs, Slippage=3 is normal, but You only have up to 2 points, which is quite acceptable.

My advisors have them all. In the application, the system creaks on a long candle, opening by ticks, closing by TR=100, what do you say?

I was doing research on how or what signal to close a long candle to get the maximum profit. There were several options, one of them for the opposite signal of the Signal Line indicator (creak in the app). A profit of more than 55 bucks, with a Deposit of 500 bucks, this is more than 11% of the profit from one transaction.

Do you happen to be programming expert advisors?


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Take 1.. 3 points is not difficult. Almost everything is real-predictable... almost.

For today, I traded 5% of the Deposit amount. The goal was a PIP profit of 1 point. When as, where the 1 point where the more three. It took 12 hours. And I think that hard labor is not a trade. ))

Who has so much time and nerves to spend 12 hours at the monitor?

But you also need experience and knowledge, as well as fluency in various trading systems...

If someone is trading at home, it is necessary that no one pulls or distracts, otherwise they will take out their brains and there will be no profit but a loss.

Of course, who has it easy today? but in this case, there may be such losses that it will not bring much joy.

On cent deposits, do not even try to stick something, pennies.

Even if it is 5% a day, then at least it should be from $ 20 a day to collect at least a meal.

$ 20 a day, that's $ 400 a month... minimum pay))

For such a profit You will be kicked out of the house))

But with a Deposit of $ 400, you can't make 5% a day ,you have to be a Forex supermaster.

So your Deposit should be from 4000 dollars and then 20 dollars a day You will be able to stick pipsovka.

In General, count your options and options.

Whatever one may say, a Deposit of $ 10,000 or more is required for Forex trading.


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This will only happen after completing training with ROYS
. However, it seems to train only those who have at least 5 thousand evergreens. But ! ROYS can tell you how to earn these 5 thousand just by being on the forum. Just to do this, you will have to change your avatar and work very, very hard


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10,000 US dollars is desirable.... and more... 20,000... 50,000 US dollars.

At 5000, it will be a very sad start, in fact, trading at 3000.. and this is 300...400 dollars a month of deductible profit, you must admit-a sad topic.

And with 10,000, it will be about 1,000...2000 to the conclusion.

Forex is a game for the rich, for those who have money right away.

All these message bonuses, it's all a sooo long way to go... you can't pass it. It's like walking through a desert with a Cup of water. And across the desert, you need an air-conditioned SUV with a refrigerator full of food and water.

You need a good start right away. Those who have not understood this yet in a few years will have nothing changed in the same number of years, as well as penny deposits will merge, and they will never be able to disperse them. And this is not Forex's fault, the trader is to blame,he is his own enemy.))


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You need to learn first. And then I know a friend who earned 100 thousand dollars at the Bazaar. He decided to put 4,000 dollars in trust management and immediately he was leaked 1,500 dollars. He got something back , but he spent another $ 1,200 for a tip on making stops. studied for 2 years paid 500 bucks and did not learn anything it is simply bred. They taught us stochastics.


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All the necessary information is in my signature. Tax on the Royce club and you will open the door to money in an infinite amount.