Pipsovka, a simple strategy for novice traders


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Right thought. Don't lose it. Money is only required for trading, at least $ 10,000. An experienced trader will teach you the most important thing in 15 minutes, and the rest will immediately become clear.

Contact me. In pipsovke I am a master of the highest class, I have a huge knowledge in this direction, which is quite enough to manage not only pipsovke but also it including.

In the meantime, read this topic: PIPSOLOW
I think that it is possible to earn pipsovka if:1) there is a clear strategy(or to put it another way-an action plan that takes into account all possible scenarios) and 2) if you play a small lot. Hardly DC(whether domestic or Western)this allows you to risk large amounts of money when using Pipsing.

And yet, do not forget that pipsovka is in its own way the same scalping, i.e. " Russian roulette"
As I think it is impossible to be in profit at a distance , because this is PIP hunting and fishing very small movement . It is the spread that has a negative impact in Pipsing . for understanding, the spread can be represented as a Commission for transactions. If you imagine this, then I think it is unprofitable, for example, to close transactions in profit of 3 points and at the same time give 3 as a Commission , that is, in fact, the movement was 6 points for example, and we give half, it is unprofitable once, and secondly, with long-term trading, I think it is unprofitable. Therefore, I recommend catching more normal movements , for example, at least 500 pips on a five-digit account , and in this case the negative impact of the spread is almost not felt.