Quantum London Trading Strategy


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Hello everyone, does anyone have a well-edited saved settings for Quantum London Trading EA v1_6_1 .

I would like to try and the previous version is not very good for me.

Can someone throw it off if you use it?


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Here I found the latest version from April 24. I haven't tried it myself yet. Just returned to Forex after a six-month absence. The stratezhka is not bad, I have already tried a lot of them, but this one hooked me. Owl trades well, but not on trends. Therefore, it cannot be left on full autopilot for a long time. Constantly make sure that the currency pair does not hit a steep recoilless trend. Most of all, I liked working on the eurjpy pair-this is if the owl is turned on in 5/24 mode. Well, gbpusd works well in manual mode and semi-automatic, especially if you use it on the system for which it was originally created. It is a pity that on this forum this branch died. And on the Internet, the QUANTUMa body lives and reproduces. Other versions of the owl also appeared. In the future, I plan to download them and check them out. If anyone shows interest here, I'll drop them off here.


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People, good evening! I have a problem with the quantum London V1 expert Advisor.4.2

The robot does not automatically place orders, does not build a grid from 9 o'clock at the opening of the Frankfurt trading session, and accordingly does not close in London. In the settings, I almost did not change anything,only Trade24 / 7 set false, trading time from 8 to 11 Moscow time; timeframe 1 minute; Only trade every X candles set 2;Quantum eintDepth3

put up 325

And, even if the trading time is set in the parameters of the adviser from 8 to 11 Moscow time, the squares on the price chart

they appear at 14 o'clock and 20 o'clock,but the robot does not trade itself.

That's all,dear Who can tell you how to fix this problem?


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Oh, my! I thought that the topic had long been abandoned and did not look here for two months. It turns out that there are Still quantum enthusiasts! I myself trade manually using signals. The robot has long been abandoned, since the system works most effectively on the flat market, and you need to be very careful on trends, because if a trend starts with prolonged recoilless movements, the robot begins to slowly but surely drain money, closing a series of transactions in the red. I have been working manually on signals since June and am very happy with the results. For example, in June, there were 37 consecutive transactions in the black. I work mainly on EURJPY, as it seems to me the most comfortable for such work, although the year before last on GBPUSD according to the" classic " scheme for this system (Asia - Europe; Frankfurt - London) also worked well. I don't advise eurobax - I didn't get anything good on this system on this pair the year before last, but now the pair is trending up so fast that it's better to use something like "Revenge" there.

In essence, the question itself: when I used the robot, the only time he did not want to trade because after installing the adviser, he clicked the "Autotrading" button, but did not guess to put a check mark in the "allow the adviser to trade" line. If you don't want it to trade every day, then you need to carefully determine the parameters when it can be traded. There are, of course, a lot of settings and it is easy to get confused in them. It is not clear why You are taking the very first and raw version to work. In a previous post, I posted the last of the quantum adviser developers found on the forum of enthusiasts. There are, however, even more bells and whistles in the settings. There are other, earlier and simpler versions of version 1.6.1 - you can find them in this branch. But I remember very well that versions 1.4.2 and 1.5.1 were not very good. I don't remember what was bad in them, but I stopped at version 1.6.1 and for a long time it worked successfully for me on EURJPY. Until I started leaking, of course.


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And indeed, the problem was drawn. I decided to take a break from manual trading and put the robot to trade for a week,but it is not in any. Only a snide smile is portrayed. Although I remember exactly that the year before last, this version worked for me without problems on both the PC and the VPS server. It's possible that something stopped working in the fancy versions of owl when the MetaTrader build was changed. In General, having dug up my archives and tried a bunch of versions on the tester and demo, I found the 1.6.1 version that works without problems. 1-6-1.working.zip I just don't recommend either EURUSD or EURJPY now, as very long recoilless movements can be very stressful. I went to the cross country, it's quieter there, although the spread is bigger. But he turned on the robot and let it pick at him slowly.


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That is, roughly speaking, this is the same Ilan dymantic, only the manual version. Averaging and all that, it also promises all the same or the load on the Deposit and constant drawdowns that can last for months, as a result, and the drain of the depot after months as it will be a shame... Not this is not a credit.


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I work with a depth of 400 minutes, but testing shows that the M5 is still more effective. From this week I switched to five minutes, I'll try. On minutes, however, it turns out that the first two orders often have to be closed in the red, and on M5 only the first order and then not always. I'll see what happens and write the result. According to the statistics in my personal account, working on minutes results in an average of 110 transactions per month, of which 30 are unprofitable and 80 are profitable. The average profit is 10-20 % per month, but I work carefully, the lots are small. I have an investment project and this increase is quite satisfactory.


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Good afternoon! Tell me, please, in the settings of Quantum there are these two parameters.

Which one is responsible for what? The first [$ Take Profit] is the total profit on the account in the currency? And the second [Individual Trade TP] is the profit on the grid of orders for this pair, on which the adviser is installed, or the profit on each individual order?


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I open the branch, look, the message is quite fresh - dated September 25. I looked more closely, but no: the year is 2017)))

Well, there are also a couple of October pieces. But that's not the point. But the fact that the branch still stalled. So it's really bad.

I put the adviser on different TF (from 1 minute to a day, with different comments and magics, so that then I can distinguish between opening and closing transactions and, accordingly, see where it is more effective) in one terminal.

What was the result?

As a result, all TF transactions were opened at the same price, as well as closed.

This may indicate that the indicator is built-in and the TF set on it is 1min. Therefore, there is no difference on which TF the adviser is located.

Here is such a parsley turns out))