Quick PIP hunting without an indicator on M1-M5

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Good afternoon, everyone. A few words about the accuracy of entering the transaction. Of course, this is one of the main issues of trade. I agree that after opening an order, the price often rolls back, as by the law of meanness. I myself have encountered this more than once, this will not surprise anyone. Therefore, I will try to surprise You by entering into transactions for 500 points of profit on TR. I want to say that this is possible in principle. I made a forward test of the adviser for 5 candle figures without indicators on the history of the 24 months of 2016 and 2017. The EA made 21 trades and closed them all at TR=500. Test in the app.

There is another option (account history 6586985 in the app) of pipping or scalping (I can't say for sure). For me, the main thing is the result. The system increased the Deposit more than 100 times in 12 months of trading on demo without indicators.

On some days, the system earned 5-20% of the depot in 8 hours.


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500 points in one trade for take profit, this is certainly good, depending on how many years you will have to wait for such a result.

But this waiting system has nothing to do with Pipsing.

Pips, this is 1 point, pips is a trade with a profit of 1 point. A 500-point TakeProfit isn't a PIP, is it? And the discussion of such a take profit in a PIP topic will simply disperse the attention of pipers, confuse their mood and distract them from the PIP, in which the profit is from 1 point.

In my practice, I used pipsovku in its pure form-profit from 1 point. On average, you can make 150 trades with a profit of 1 to 5 points per trading day. This is PIP trading on a minute chart.

victor kaskad

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I agree with You that 500 points is not a PIP, but I wanted to say that when PIP is not necessarily limited to 1 point. Or are you strict about it? After all, you can close an order with a larger number of points (from 1 to 200). 500 points-I bent it, but once it turned out, it's good. It was about the accuracy of entering a trade, so I wanted to suggest to you (all) one of the entry options with a decent signal strength. I wanted to see and study the possibilities of the signal strength from the candle figure. There were 12 deals in 2016. Relatively speaking, one transaction per month. There are other options, but you need to choose the shapes. There are 29 candle figures in one expert Advisor, but if you divide the double figures separately into buy and sit, there will be 41 of them, a sea of combinations.

For me, the main thing is the result. The more profit, the better.

Although, in truth, this is not always the case... There is one manual strategy 'LeapPrice' (definitely not Pipsing and scalping), but the price movement is two Ticks, when you can earn a very decent profit. So decent that the DC will not allow you to remove it. There is a history of accounts, if you are interested, you can look in the next branch in the post 1669 at the link: https://forexdengi.com/showthread.ph...8#post18415588

And when scalping, how many points are allowed to take from one order?

My account history 6586985 is probably more like scalping. Have you watched it? What can you say?

Trades are made on M15 and most of them are closed on the same candle or on the nearest one.

Rarely, but there are drawdowns, then the transaction lasts for a longer time. The profit is more than 56,000 dollars, about an average of 933% per month.

In post 141 there is a history of the account where the system earned about 20% for a working day, this is also scalping, and it does not fit under Pipsing? But definitely without indicators.

I won't write in this thread anymore. I agree, the examples are not relevant. Excuse me.


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This restriction applies to all Instaforex accounts.

Pipsing is such a vague concept that it is sometimes confused with scalping in several points. A few points sometimes the price goes faster than a minute, and sometimes it can go for an hour.

The question of terminology about transactions with small profit points has always caused a lot of controversy.


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Yes, You are right about that .Once I have already seen how the restriction works in Insta although it did not cause any significant losses because in Insta I mostly trade longer batches. But on the interbank market to work as a high-speed minesweeper in the mode of Pipsing and scalping is just a real pleasure. Agree, sometimes it's nice to mow down $ 30-70 for an hour in an exciting sports competition with a price. I have separate accounts for these games .By the way, there are special software filters on Insta that smooth out noise price movements (Except for UST accounts) so that there is no point in messing with pipsovki on Insta.

As all the same annoying forum spell check.I want to ask the programmers what kind of garbage they found it in.I have in the old Word and then more advanced spelling and have the ability to add terms to the dictionary.and here just a third of the words with red underscores and it is impossible to make changes to the dictionary.when the programmers of the forum will follow.?


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If you want to ask something, ask it politely. There is no special need for forum spell checking, since all modern browsers do it at least as well. We might disable it.

You don't need to reply to the post to avoid flooding the topic. If you still have questions, you can ask them to me in PM.


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You can do this in a trending market, or when the correction is completed. But it's more like finding a potentially long-term entry point.


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The question contains 2 answers at once :

What is under point 1) why do you need pipsovka in this case, if you found the entry point, wait for 20 PP and put the deal at breakeven and sit waiting for profit, it will certainly kick out the deal but the profit of one of the 10 transactions will cover all your torment.

If you want to quickly close a trade with 5-6 PP use indicators :https://forexdengi.com/attachment.php?s=c24d022c311f5518f8cbd0a98ea14020&attachmentid=3052190&d=1569489434&thumb=1 "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
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There is such a tool in the terminal-a standard deviation channel, you wait FOR the first closing of the candle outside the channel and buy or sell.