Scalping, need advice


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Уважаемые форумчане.

Форексом заинтересовался совсем недавно, стаж огромный - 2 недели.

Знакомство начал с платформы StartFX, через неделю перешел на MT4.

С основами более менее разобрался.

Решил начинать более глубже вникать в скальпинг, т.к. этот вид торговли на данный момент мне более привлекателен. По причине того, что сделки можно совершать в течение дня, ощущая элемент "игры"

Что бы я очень хотел, чтобы уважаемые форумчане подсказали на мои ошибки, в моих рассуждениях, направили в правильное направление, дали советы. Т.к. опытные люди, которые уже посвятили этому ни один год - надеюсь подскажут и помогут советами.

Итак, по какой стратегии и как я сейчас торгую.

Платформа MT4, таймфрейм М1.

Использую следующие индикаторы: Exponential MA с периодом 200, MCAD и стохастик - все стандартные, идущие в комплекте с MT4.

Больше всего меня интересует определняи момента когда нужно входить в рынок, и тот момент когда из рынка стоит выходить.

Для наглядности приведу скрин, как я думаю:" border="0" alt="Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
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1. Цена касается MA, или пробивает ее снизу вверх.

2. MAСD - поднимается выше своей сигнальной линии, что дает сигнал о том, в сумме со стохастиком, что достигли зону перекупленности и цена с вкором времени пойдет вниз.

3. Стохастик показывает зону перекупленности.

4. Индикатор bollinger Bands - использую для оценки того, насколько может опуститься цена, т.е по моему мнению цена будет колебаться между верхней и нижней пунктирной линией.

В сумме эти три показателя дают сигнал о том, что цена развернется вниз, и следует продавать.

Далее идет скрин, на котором я хотел бы разобраться.

Красными отмечен первый вопрос.

1. Цена коснулась MA.

2. Стохастик показывает перекупленность

3. По MACD же тут я подумал что цена пойдет наоборот вверх

Т.е. входить в сделку на продажу было бы неправильно? Верно? Или все же видно, что цена пойдет вниз, ячто-то не так понимаю может [img]images/smilies/smile1.gif ?

Отмеченные зеленым:

1.Цена коснулась нижней пунктирной линии, что для меня означает, что она будет возвращаться назад, хотя бы до середины, т.е. до линии которая находится по середине (Bollinger bands)

2. MACD -показывает что цена собирается развернуться и пойти в другую сторону, на повышение

3. Стохастик показал зону перепроданности.

Это дает мне сигнал о том, что стоит покупать, поставив тейк профит по середине между MA и центральной пунктирной линией, Стоп лосс - предыдущий минимум.

[url=]" border="0" alt="Нажмите на изображение для увеличения
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Собственно подскажите где я ошибаюсь, или воспринимаю значение индикаторов не так.? [img]images/smilies/smile1.gif

Еще сразу пару нюансов - параллельно я смотрю предстоящие события, которые могут повлиять на движение пары. Пара Eur/USD. И не вхожу в рынок за пол часа до этих новостей. Смотрю M5, чтобы оценить общую тенденцию (тренд).


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How much you have complicated everything in my opinion. A lot of turkeys, you can get confused. If your goal is to determine the point of entry and exit, look-there are good ready-made vehicles, it will be much easier for you to navigate there.

miss yolters

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drop this system it's weak))Enter in Google --trading strategy VICTORY - and download it to your health and see the video about it and read the forum I trade with it but still want to add something of my own to it. otherwise the stop loss is too big and the take is the opposite)write in PM if that or here we will talk discuss)but honestly your system is simple better quit...and 2 weeks is not enough. I haven't learned much in a year )


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I tried to make my own trading system, everything was fine for a few days, but then the Deposit was drained. I agree with miss yolters download the winning trading strategy AND you will get a profit.


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I read about this vehicle Victory, I would rather call it "DEFEAT", I do not see any prospects.

If you want to develop your vehicle, then my advice is to simplify it, now your chart is overloaded with indicators, simplify your vehicle

I also advise you to build your vehicle as described here in the video


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Thank you for the tips, I will definitely use them. I don't have a lot of indicators, so there's no place to simplify, unless it's better to decide on the inputs and outputs. And I will take into account the video, and it may be possible to finish the strategy.


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Thank you for your answers in the topic.

for me, the main thing now is not the search for someone's profitable vehicle. The main thing is to feel the market, find your mistakes, understand some basics, theory ) That's why I raised this topic

miss yolters

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quite a strange quote on your part)))) brought a smile to his face)Do you think after reading a couple of pages in that branch you can put your opinion and call it a defeat? People first trade on it for a month or more with the conditions of all the rules and then write a response.Show me the screen where you entered according to the rules of the trading system and merged?!!I'm sure you didn't trade but determined your theory just by flipping through a couple of pages)))


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if you remember how you were taught to build graphs at school and also remember the physics lesson where you were shown about string vibration, then by combining these lessons you can understand the basis of the trend movement.


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I agree, I was not engaged in this vehicle for a long time, and from the first lines I wanted to forget what I read))), the name Victory also caused laughter, like Masterforex ...only for the sake of advertising such names are invented.

For me, if the profit is less than the stop in the vehicle, then it is no longer worth trading on it, at least it should be 2.5 times more and 4-5 times better

miss yolters

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and what do you want to say if there is a decrease in the stop then the price may accidentally touch it and so it will be I checked))Yes there are some improvements but if you redo the stop and take as well as a couple of indicators throw the system is very working))unfortunately I can not promise now but I will try to put you a screen with transactions on this system at least 1 transaction per day on a real account)))the take will be more than the stop but I will take a profit from 2 to 5 points))


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in General make the most minimal risk and if you scalpish the more transactions you make the more experience more discipline it will be and it turns out to be more interesting than sitting in the middle of the day is very sad


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Everyone advises, but no one noticed that the Eliot wave theory is clearly visible on the upper graph. The first wave started where the numbers 1,7 are on the top edge of the screen (in the title of the chart) and ended where the MASS indicator crossed the "0" axis, "sticking out" four of its hairs above the axis (stochastic at the maximum) - the second wave ends and the market is thinking when to shoot the third wave. This is where I would open with a stop loss and its trawl.

The stream ended where the yellow line Mass reached the bottom in its window. I would close down here. Then the fourth wave rolled up. And finally-the fifth wave, which ended where you have the number " 2 " on the Mass. That's all.

And now everything is in the opposite direction - the market will go up. In addition, you yourself wrote the number " 1 " on the chart, where you ended the first wave when turning the movement up. The fifth wave ends in the top corner at the end of the chart.

Count to 5 and learn wave analysis. Some work this way on a clean chart, without indicators.


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And what is the profitability of the system, drawdowns, the ratio of profitable transactions to unprofitable can you tell me? There seem to be three non-standard indicators used there?

miss yolters

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Yes, there are more than three indicators, and there is a currency strength indicator ...But this is not Grall and you need as quickly as possible to catch the same tick that these indicators show 67-33 gvot ratio I have so it turns out...I just trained a lot the system is working but nervous


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According to the "Scalping Tready" rules, we sell when the price starts moving from the upper border of the"Bolinger" indicator to the lower border. Entering the market should be done much earlier than shown in the figure.The MACD indicates the growth of the trend, and the stochastic in the overbought zone results in a divergence of indicators. If there is a discrepancy, we determine who is more dominant in the market.


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Minimal risk - no profit :- ) greater risk - no Deposit.... and experience, so it is gained not so much by the number of transactions, but by the number of analyzed defeats. Some may endlessly kill deposits, but they will not think about why everything is happening.


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After 2 weeks of practice, I came to the opinion that it is better to trade on the M5 timeframe, on the M1 - too much noise.

Ms Lisa

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When you start trading using the shopping strategy, there is always a question about entry points.Here you should take into account not only the trend movement, but also the resulting pullbacks.The greatest effect is given by indicators such as the stochastic indicator, which works perfectly on M1-M5 timeframes.