Scalping, need advice


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Moved to the M5, because M1 - a lot of noise, much easier M5, it is quieter.

Now I enter trades using the following signals:

For purchase:

1. Stoch should be in the oversold zone

2. HP_DIFF - as an indicator showing the market reversal, + Triggerlines. I.e. the purchase starts after the lines are repainted in blue

3. Demarker - if the mark falls below 30, we are waiting for the price to turn up.

4. MACD - for clarity-analyze for the presence of divergence

If you follow all the rules - it's not bad enough.

Criticism? Tips?

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I completely agree with You. In scalping, you still need to use data from indicators such as stochastic or MACD, they will help to insure against a possible reversal of the trend
it is very convenient to trade like this in General)


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How will they help? They can help no more adequately than the other 45 indicators that are in the terminal by default. If a change in the trend has to occur, then the stochastic will be the first one that can deceive, or rather not give out anything definite.


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What is this strategy that you are talking about,and you can also use it to find out the entry and exit points for a trade? And also, tell me what scalping is, pipsovka, because from what I saw here, I did not find out anything about this strategy for myself. Please, mA'am


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I do not argue, but from such a topic - you need to be insured after all. You can't put the whole depot on the line. This is not practical in General. If you play by the rules, everything goes fine. I'm constantly togovli. At least-for now, everything is fine


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A small screen of recent transactions decided to post.

Now the deal is weighing, I decided not to close it yet, an order without a stop loss. Got caught in an unhealthy traffic not in my direction ) + the news was not very favorable ) According to the idea, the price will go back, there are such thoughts.

The last trade that caught a stop loss-tried to trade on the news, a pending order, knocked out the order...

As for the vehicle, I think to abandon the HP_diff indicator, because it turned out to be of little use, and does not reflect up-to-date information.

I look at the entry and exit points using stochastics and a marker. "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
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Starting trading : 1)You need to forget about M1. and use M5 to accurately enter the higher TF (everything below M15 is trading on the spread, whatever it is. 2) Synthesis of waves 1 in 1: 1B 2: and so on 2 in 3...3)the Best indicators for any strategy-Fibo and MASD levels give them a couple of days, the result will not take long to wait


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MACD removed, indeed, there is no point in it.

I have a question about HP_DIFF. as practice has shown, this indicator does not behave quite correctly, on the history Yes-everything is beautiful, but the real world showed a completely different thing.

It is redrawn.

Now the signals for entry are stochastic and DeMarker.

Who else can advise you to track false entries ?


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Personally, I would recommend how I trade in scalping. First you need to open the M30 and if you can see that somewhere the movement has already started go to the M15 and M5. Since there is less noise on the M30 and the whole picture is visible. You can also open the M5, M15 and M30 simultaneously and see the entry and exit points.