Scalping strategy " Forex Speedometer"

Well, then at least you lead a branch for beginners
we all have no money and really want to. Scalping here is the only way for most people to start trading and a career as a trader, so we ask for help. Well, it would be great to see your screenshots for this tactic (not a strategy). Looking forward to it all
Thank you of course for the offer, but I'm not the author of this topic...

The fact is that I never got to the real trading on this system, it did not go further than cent accounts, and then gradually decided to switch to medium-term trading, because with long transactions and more time free from trading, and the nerves are not so tense. Although I repeat, the speedometer is very interesting to work with and you can double the Deposit per session, although if you work sloppily, you can just as easily lose it!

And for beginners I also believe that such work should at least be interesting! Now I don't make any deals on it, but if there are any, I will try to show the screencaps if possible.


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New filter for the news adviser . We place two orders BAYSTOP and SELLSTOP before the news release .Creating a filter for it.The filter is composed of a second Second=5, and step

StepSecond=50 (pips 5 sign).We take the midpoint between the open pending orders BAYSTOP AND SELLSTOP (if Step=70 Ask=1.30300 Bid=1.30290 BAYSTOP=1.30370 SELLSTOP=1.30220

take the middle prise1. 30370+1.30220)/2=1.30295 if in less than Second= 5 seconds the distance from prise=1.30295 to prise1= prise+passesStepSecond=1.30295+0.00050=1.30345 or

prise2= prise-StepSecond=1.30295-0.00050=1.30245 then this block does not skip to the next block .If if for more than Second= 5 seconds passes the distance then skips to the next block.


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An interesting indicator. But I understand that all inputs will be on pulse candles. That is, if the price sharply jerked down, then we enter the short. So you can trade without the indicator.


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Try the OSTxTiks indicator as a speedometer... I've been trying this indicator myself for a long time. The distinctive feature is that it not only shows the speed on the chart display..but also beeps a good Mat in three positions (as programmed). In addition, I would also recommend beter Volum indicator... there, too, you can put a filter on the pulse..and then you won't miss it...

The most important thing is not to sit at the monitor for days - your eyes will get blurry.)

About speed-think about this - why does the speed change at all?)


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I wanted to ask you as an experienced person . I downloaded speedometr and there are two pieces one PRO the other with such a tick chart tail, installed them both in MT4 . The question is which one to run? Thank you for your future response


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stop doing this bullshit. it's not a strategy, it's bullshit. and I'll tell you from my own experience. that everyone starts with this, looking for a way to start earning. in, the strategy is new, well, everything, probably this is it, I will earn money with it, I will tell everyone that I am a trader, blah blah blah. and in the end, all come in 4-5 years in the medium-term trade at least. the only exception is trading in volumes and deltas, etc. there you can also hack on the minute. but you need to learn everything, and work hard everywhere. to understand a particular system. but this one does not need to be understood, and so you can see that bullshit
Sorry for the late response! But I can't help but reply, as I have already received my thanks in advance!

I used the pro version. I used it because I have postponed working on this strategy at the moment and I am working on other strategies. But once again, the strategy "Forex Speedometer" for me is the most interesting of all the ones I have tried. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I can't use it all the time, although I may have time to resume working on it!

This is also true! I know from many years of personal experience!
But "Forex Speedometer" for the sake of interest is not yet forgotten!


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I'm quite new to trading and for some reason I want to trade scalping, I saw a video on the Forex Speedometer strategy on YouTube, I wanted to try testing it on a demo account for a couple of weeks, but the speedometer itself always stands at 1.7 and does not move, there is also no indicator, only the speedometer circle is not working. The font from the archive was thrown into the folder with fonts.

Another question is whether there are people who consistently make money this way? I don't need much, I just need a profit, even if it's a few points a day, I'm not chasing a lot of money and I'm trying to learn how to just do it.
What account are you trying on? On a five-sign?

About stability. Personally, when I was trading with this strategy, I did not achieve stability, but this is because I was not limited to a few points of profit per day, but continued trading as long as I had the desire and time. As a result, the accounts were periodically merged, but before I withdrew a profit from them that exceeded the Deposit itself many times.

Well, if you limit yourself to a daily fixed profit, then I think it is quite possible to earn so steadily!


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I tried to install this speedometer and nothing happened, the speedometer indicator is simply not there. Help solve this question and tell me on which currency pair who is trading on this vehicle and what success, does it make sense or is it better to trade on another vehicle? Can I use this vehicle on a ruble bonus account, do I have such experience?


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Who is in the topic, can write a robot for this vehicle (a colleague is needed, rather for analyzing its options and checking... you can write data on inputs and outputs to a file and then analyze them in it... to real not to touch much... : -))? I became interested in it recently. I traded on real (several transactions with averaging) NDD account on MT4 from a BCS broker-like Gud... Since the spring of this year... In the same place in the robot, there are possible options ... (the size of stops, takes, time out if there is no profit (or if there is one?) maybe once or twice and you can average on increased volumes (again, after how long? and should I increase it?) - although it will be a different system...)

The indicators are 80% written by me. The complexity consists of a criterion (formalization) and an algorithm for determining overbought/oversold on a tick chart... as the presenter explains in the video, the rise or fall (reversal) is for making a decision about entering/exiting a trade. Apparently, you will have to put MA (10) on ticks and accept ITS values to enter a trade...


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Where's the video? anti-terrorist operation video is not shown from the first page...

I also set out to write an owl on this speedometer and check what happens...


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Tried. The idea itself is beautiful. The system itself is working, on the basis of the volatility indicator, it Has quite a large potential. Bolinger strips were also attached to this system. It makes sense to fasten stochastic, RSI, and several moving averages and determine short-term directions. Then, trade has more potential.


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I was also interested in this strategy.

Do I understand correctly that if we see impulses exceeding 3 t/s in the last 5-10 minutes, we do not trade?

I just opened the main currency pairs now, and a similar pattern is observed for all of them: a lot of impulses up to 5-15 t/s.

Europe has recently closed, and America is coming. That is, in theory, it's time to trade.