Scalping strategy " Forex Speedometer"


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Good afternoon! To be honest, this is just a tin that just won't come up on MT4-MT5. You know what it's good for - NOTHING. Reinvent the wheel and this bike is all clumsy. Discover normal tools, take real data from the exchange and don't fuck your brains out. There you can clearly see the volatility, you can see the tape, you can see the volumes and a lot of everything. And your indicator is volatility, only on the exchange you will see where this volatility is going, who is leading , where the initiative is. And here you have a casino mode.
I still wanted to try trading on the speedometer, now I downloaded the file and installed it on the chart. I tried to open deals but I see that it is very difficult but I don't know yet 5 orders and everything is in the black but I don't really like it yet but I need experience with such a vehicle. So I'll sit down for a day and see what she has to say.
For me, it seems like nothing complicated, it's a little stressful of course to sit near the monitor and wait for signals from the speedometer to open and close transactions. I worked on this system for a while and I liked it. The profit was also, but small (relatively), because I only tried this strategy on a small cent. Now I switched to mid-market trading. But I came across this topic and began to think about whether to try again on some small Deposit?!