Strong-weak link trading System"


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The rules in this system are very simple. For analysis, we will need a daily chart. The essence of this tactic is to determine the two strongest currencies and the two weakest, with these currencies we will make deals at the opening of a new daily candle.

For analysis we use the main currencies eur gbp usd jpy chf cad aud nzd

There are 28 currency pairs in total.

The strength of the currency is determined by the daily candle, if the EUR/usd candle is bullish, then the Euro is the stronger currency in this pair. In order not to get confused, you need to create a table.

For example, let's immediately analyze the last daily candles (Friday). After analyzing each currency pair, depending on whether it is stronger or weaker than the other, we put + or -

eur +++ - - + - =+1

gbp +++++++ = +7

usd - - + + - - - = -3

jpy - - - - + - - = -5

chf - - - - - - - = -7

cad + - + - - - - = -3

aud + + + + + - - = +3

nzd + + + + + + - = +5

Another important condition for making deals is that you need currencies that were not among the strongest(weakest) before. This is done in order not to open a deal too late, the movement should be fresh.

The stop loss will be equal to the value of the 1-day range. Take profit of 2 p. more, if the strength of the currency remains the next day, open another order, you can open no more than 3 orders in total.

Today we have strong currencies gbp nzd, but nzd has long been among the strong currencies, so it does not suit us, the pound remains.

Gbp - " strong link"

SHF and jpy - " weak links"

Today, at the opening of the daily candle, we buy gbp/chf and gbp/jpy

gbp/chf buy 1.6270 st.loss 1.6084 t.p 1.6644

gbp/jpy buy 134.89 st.loss 132.89 t.p 138.89

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Invest password bynn2wu

The deal on Fuyu opened today with a delay of 135.48


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They'll come up with everything they can to make money... Counting the number of candles to guess the strength of the movement... you can't make something easier... Trade according to the trend and a little correction, and that's it. Okay, I'll watch these couples, maybe there's something in this. Any strategy has the right to life.

p. s. I can't log in to the account...