TF 5 minutes - all possible strategies


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The only question is: "isn't it better to take 123 according to the trend?" After all, it is clearly a sellov trend, and You are aiming for purchases? Or maybe there is a very strong level and should fight back?

In the drawing, I showed what I mean.


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So this M5 a bit of a took and in bushes, better of course on trend, and so 123 on Your screen slightly higher was., Can be wait rollback and can be on breakout enter, if early 123 the as shows screen on breakdown need to was his take.As for me, the main thing is to focus on fractals, a fractal is a force.


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I looked at my screen, I have where You have-the search place for entry-the take is for the buy stop, so the thoughts are the same just different wishlist.


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So it makes it difficult to find a broker with a smaller spread, in General, 3 points per pound is a predatory spread, in fact it is a percentage and not even for a day but for one transaction, and even more so there are no risks with such lending, because there can be no non-return of this loan by definition, this is just a robbery,and all DC on spreads alone and swaps are also cutting loot, and given that not all orders are displayed on exchanges, respectively, they must pay 10 bucks for the post, and I assure You they will not be paid.And so it is necessary to search .
As for me, small TF is needed for jewelry entry into the transaction, but you need to look for a place to enter on large timeframes. I use TS Sniper, in which most traders are looking for a pattern to enter a trade on M5. But the analysis of the situation and drawing the trading levels at which the decision will be made goes from D1 and down, if necessary, up to M15...

Personally, I like to use five-digit quotes and very often switch to M1 to catch a delicious entry point and reduce the size of the stop loss.


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Dobrovski .

Yes, I also drew what and how.I'll draw it again ,I'm not sorry for your health. To do this, you just need to learn how to draw sloping lines and find the level where the price of the chart broke through this line. It looks something like this ...

Select a working TF. That is, M5 .Let's see what kind of wave is going on as in this wave there is a third wave, that is, wave C, draw an inclined line. We sit and watch. "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
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As the price chart breaks through the sloping line, this is our first signal, in figure number 1 .

Then there is a correction in the new wave, the main thing is that this movement goes in the opposite direction from our level, this is number 2.

As it became possible for our level, depending on the market phase, we set either a buy stop or a sell stop, this is number 3.

If the price activates our order, we immediately set a safety order, this is number 4.

And of course take profit ,it will be number 5.

And that's it, the trading system.

Examples of recent waves on the Euro dollar chart .

[url=][img] "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
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[url=][img] "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
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Dear me! Yes, here I still see the familiar elements of a fractal strategy! You can use them to confirm your login. Thank you!


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Your 1-2-3 is really a working topic. I traded on these mini waves about 3 years ago. Everything works, but a very large load on the eyes and brains, you will not be enough for a long time. And so, periodically you go to the forum and see that so far much of what I read and analyzed a few years ago is again in the trend. Imagine in the Trend. And that's great. The market is a truly living organism with its repeating phases.


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How exactly do you use your marketing profile?

I watched several speakers who allegedly make money using the market profile. It seems like they explained several entry points, but I looked at how they are worked out in real time (because the profile is filled in over time and there is no point in looking at the history, there we will see the profile for the whole day, and not at the time of signal formation). And I would say there is no special advantage over the market.

Well, for example, I recently bought Romario courses on the profile. There are two formations. Everything seems to be simple, which means that statistics should be more accurate. So sometimes it turned out to catch reversals very accurately and the price went in the opposite direction ignoring all the signals of technical analysis for the continuation of the trend. That is, just put a deal and sit still. But these entries were approximately equal to those when the price continued to fall down the trend after the entry.


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I also tried to work on small TF and nothing worked for me. Perhaps because I am a novice trader and I still find it difficult to understand this technique and catch the market by the tail without understanding where the entry point is. Explain, it is necessary to draw these lines every five minutes and on what TF re-checked?


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Dear traders, tell us how you look at the strategy *Sniper*? a lot of ads for this strategy and many write that the results exceed all expectations, is it worth buying it?Do I understand correctly that this strategy is for scalping?
hi, I will just say that I myself have experienced in my experience and in practice. no strategy will lead you to what you expect, the strategy is generally * actions based on early actions*, that is, you personally checked in practice and not once and not one day. any indicator, strategy, plan, is just a tool, and you are the one who manages this tool, so it all depends on you, not on the tool.
A great strategy is a well-known victory. I used it in a small modification. As we know, you need to monitor the strength and weakness of tools. This is important, but you can do it without it. Wrote advisors on it. With different parameters, it was possible to achieve 1 to 25!!! plus to minus. This is super. I didn't use it just because deals were rare. I only worked for a Jew. The rules are very simple: two TMA's one on M1, the other on M5. If two look in the same direction and the younger one fights off the far channel, we enter. Stop 3 to 1. Try to enter only on volatility. Quite appropriate.


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Healthy, last night I sat and built such constructions, it seemed very interesting at first and it seems to be working out not bad , but then I made a lot of disadvantages according to these constructions
Could you show us how to build these structures more correctly?? I don't know what this is about. Today I try to draw the same lines longer, sit and wait for a very long time, but the working out is more or less normal, but there is a minus all the same !
I would like to know if it is possible to draw these lines less long so that there are more signals ? well, as you wrote earlier, you can show a couple of good trading methods! We will only be happy if you show us some more cool nishtyakov on trade)


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In fact, there is no difference on which timeframe to trade, on M5 or H4. the Price goes back and forth regardless of the time.Here only the choice of each individual vehicle, how much time they are willing to devote to trading.Someone generally trades on M1 and is happy.Classics such as breaking through trend lines and rebounding work everywhere, and they are all built differently.RA also works everywhere.Strategies are full of all sorts, and for different times, the main thing is to find your own, what you are comfortable working with, and what makes a profit.
Another very interesting strategy that you all must know. This is the London breakdown. It also has a lot of names. But there are some things that are definitely worth seeing. Once again, let me briefly remind you of the essence. If the Japanese session is flat, you can enter the breakout of the flat. You need to choose the right time. This is mandatory. You can log in at the premarket or at the opening. It is important to understand where to put a stop. But sometimes a very important point is not touched. The movement will be in the direction of priority. Moreover, it is important that the direction in which the tool moves is repelled from an even level. This is usually seen on the M5 timeframe. The level can be either one long or a descending base. In this case, the success rate increases by a factor of one. It will also be useful to mark the corridor.