TF 5 minutes - all possible strategies


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Five-minute trading is not profitable. You can use reversal bars, but there are a lot of false signals on this timeframe. However, if you focus on a higher timeframe, you may get something.


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For 5 minutes, you need a large Deposit, so that there would be an exhaust from this thankless trade on such a small timeframe.It is much quieter to work at higher time intervals.


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fully sogalsen on such small TF noise too much (((only can be more less normalno trade if ur coincide with more terrible TF


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How many do not work for 5 minutes and the result is one! You collect on kopecks you collect, and in the end time and again at zero, in my opinion this is not a grateful business!
To prevent this from happening, you need to clearly set the minimum allowable profit-to-loss ratio for yourself, and I believe that it should be kept above one, so that it is not painfully painful from the fact that one moose ate 5-10 profits at a time


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100 %

and who says that it's hard to trade for 5 minutes in vain...

the main trade long term-my

every day I scalp for 5 -15 min with a large volume of 10-15 lots 3-4 deals a day with a profit of 10-15 PP is quite enough and about false signals, there are but if you follow your TS, everything will be good because on average, 7 profits account for a maximum of 2-3 moose so checkmate.waiting is normal

good luck and profits


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It is almost impossible to trade on a 5-minute time frame. First, there is no General overview of the current state of the market because of this, most unprofitable transactions occur. Secondly, even if the transaction is profitable, it will not always close the unprofitable one.


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Totally agree with You on the updates very much, I would even say that a huge number of false alarms at the entrances to the transaction. However, many traders trade for five minutes and I would even say that they trade successfully. It all depends on the experience and of course the trading system.

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Yes, indeed, if you take a small number of pips for five minutes a day and do not be greedy, then of course you can end up with a good profit, because everyone knows that the smaller the timeframe, the fewer pips you need to put in profit, but you can trade more often, thereby gaining experience.


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There are many famous traders who used the 5-minute timeframe to analyze and enter a position. For example, Joe Ross and his hook trade. A man made a fortune on the stock exchange, trading on 5-minute charts. How do you like this example? :)


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No one pushes you into a narrow framework-5-Ki, and that's it. Keep the main entry direction in mind for a longer period and there will be fewer errors.


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On five minutes you can trade using the averaging method plus you can use small risks and you can collect a good amount in a day the most important thing is not to be greedy you need to stop in time
That's right, it's better not to be greedy. Sometimes it is because of it that we suffer losses. Although many people earn money from greed. I even heard the phrase from the movie "Wall Street-Money does not sleep" " Greed is good"


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consonant) need to trade for the future, on the M5 well, it's too palivno, just catch every wave of the market, and in most cases it turns out to be negative(


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Strategy 20/20, stop 20 and profit 20, after the stop double with the same positions 20/20 until the moment of profit.


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On a five-minute TF, it's best to make money on fundometal analysis) when the new One comes out) just put a Buy stop or Stop class C and you are "rich"
well, of course it won't do..


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You can work on five-minute charts in principle, but of course you need to take into account the direction of the higher timeframe. If the five-minute trend goes up, then of course on the minute chart we only work for the purchase. And so on, plus indicators to help.


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In 1946.R. Eliot's book "the Law of nature - the secret of the universe"was published. This year is considered to be the beginning of the discovery, development and application of wave theory in stock became applicable to the analysis of not only stock price charts, but also all processes related to mass psychology, including the history of the market community in General.

Wave Analysis was first applied in the mid-20th century according to Eliot's theory of market regularity. Subsequently, the VA was supplemented by studies of other classics, and today the works of Neely are widely known.

Find it and download it.he writes very useful things...


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well, on a five-minute chart, you can stupidly use take profits. Open buy and sell deals and put take profits in the region of 10.Well for full confidence you can also put a stop loss in the region of 30 and double the lot when it is triggered


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I advise you to forget about the fact that there is a timeframe of 1M. Why? It's just a set of noises. That is, in 1 minute, there has never been a trend reversal and other such important trading factors that become key in making decisions. The minimum timeframe is 5M. And the developers of the program METATRADER inserted the timeframe 1M just so that it was there.


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Please tell w2m what is your standard for measuring angles. What do you rely on? What are you starting from? What scale of the chart do you follow?

Why do I ask such questions? Because the graph grid itself can be stretched and compressed as you like.