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Working on M1 has its own characteristics :we look at the higher timeframes and use them to open in the direction of the trend .Usually on the monitor M5 and M1.Follow the price ,make decisions quickly.Goals: 8-10pip, sl-10 or without it.In General, min.-as the highest skill of scalping and these "'NOISES' " do not make a lot of money, especially when the flat in the senior half.


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Hello everyoneBased on the topic of this branch, I can say one thing -I tried a lot of strategies for working on the M5 chart and only this year I found a really good strategy for myself: Wawasan Trader .I attach a screenshot of course.TS really gives very good signals (true), and not only on the M5 and M15 I go to the market
Of course, there is another Vehicle-called AIMS .It is clear that everyone has their own ,and in this case there are so many people and opinions.Yes, and in principle I think that in this system there is nothing superfluous, as sometimes in other Vehicles everything is somehow "nalyapisto" and only hinders trade(when turkeys are 10-20 pieces).Imho


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Filter any time is very simple, draw a trend line and wait for a breakdown, test it on the other side then enter, excellent filter, do not want to draw throw mA 12-20 (choose to your taste). You can still Stoh for confidence 14.

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There are chips. Lines and levels built by hand work best, although I have been searching for indicators for more than two years, and now I know all about them
and draw lines with my hands, like this. Try.


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Trading on the Philip nel system is not bad its essence I will not describe because it already exists)

Here's another strategy. Forex strategy "Giancone for 5 minutes" – for trading on this Forex strategy, I recommend that you first download and read the "tutorial on pin bars", and then start learning this Forex trading tactic.

A good Pin bar should have:

- long nose (compared to the body)

- stand out very forward

- pin opening and closing must be close to each other

Technical side of the Forex strategy:

To trade on the Forex strategy "Giancone for 5 minutes", you will need to adjust the price chart a little, namely:

1) Set the RSI indicator(6)- it will be used to find the divergence.

2) Set the Bolinger Bands indicator (18.2), which is used to find the trend in the market. You can also trade from its borders if there is a sideways trend and if there is a pin.

3) Set the Moving averages of 50 SMA and 21 EMA-needed to determine the trend in the market.

I recommend trading on the following currency pairs: eurusd, eurjpy, gbpusd, usdjpy.

Timeframe - 5 minutes (M5).

Forex strategy "Giancone for 5 minutes" consists of 2 fairly simple signals. However, you should always keep in mind that the best Forex deals are those that follow the trend.

1) the FIRST trading signal is the PIN bar itself and the presence of a trend. If there is a divergence, this is an even better option for making a deal.

2) the SECOND trading signal is called CT-counter trend-i.e. "against the trend". Again, everything is very, very easy: divergence + Pin Bar. Look at the price chart: if there is a pin bar and divergence-it's just a Great deal!

Desired Take profit: + 15 pips, when making a trade against the trend, the main good goal is 21 moving average.

The stop loss should usually be set a few pips lower or higher than the pin. Either behind the support or resistance line.

A good helper in this Forex strategy will be a Trailing stop from 1 point, which will quickly move the stop loss to breakeven and will move it in the profitable area even in the range from 1 to 15 points (but I remind you that this value depends on the trading conditions of your chosen Dealing center).

However, remember that you don't need to make deals if your profit-to-loss ratio is less than 1 to 1, or even better, 2:1.

You should also note that the pins should be located at the top or bottom, and not in the middle of the price jam.

And most importantly-do not BREAK the RULES !



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At five minutes when you start scalping, I use oscillators from the indicators. The strategy is very simple you set two oscillators with an analysis of 5 and 15 and when the line enters the overbought or oversold zone, you need to open a deal. You can make 30-50 points a day.


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I propose the <shaffscalping="] system FOR M5 and M15.System indicators:1.SHAFF TREND 2.SHAFF MACD 3.HMA. Sign in BUY:1.SHAFF TREND>10 2.SHAFF MACD>0 3. HMA-green .Input SELL - - - 1. SHAFF TREND<90 2.SHAFF MACD<0 3.HMA-- red. EXIT :1. according to TR-10 -- 15 POINTS 2.If the masdi line is out of the histogram 3.At pivot levels 4. If one of the indicators changes color.Template and picture attached.


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To be honest, I did not like any strategy, it is better to trade on H1 and have more than M5 and have scanty interest rates. Strategies all suck, people master Zig Zag and trade.

Bond JamesBond

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dobro, and you won't share it with the vehicle? let's see what kind of miracle beast, or another traffic light. although it may be worthwhile, well, I'm not testing yet, I can't say anything, Invest and see..
At five minutes, you need to trade very quickly. it is advisable to put a van click or similar scripts. That's your strategy. take a moving average with a period of 288(the number of 5 minutes in a day) and buy with a stop of 15 points for each overtime. Hold until the price will not fulfill the purpose riboside, or again peresekutsya to the other side where he immediately open the position in opposite direction.


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Good evening. And you wouldn't be able to post your Wawasan Trader strategy. I would like to test it on a cent account.


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At the very beginning, when I first began to get acquainted with Forex, I also traded on M5, and it turned out quite successfully, I focused on channels and intuition. Then some knowledge began to come and the system itself somehow faded into the background, and in fact it worked even better than other trading strategies on older TF's. Perhaps it really makes sense to return to the forgotten old. True, it takes a lot of time for such a trade, but you can dose it when there is time and there is no important news.


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With all due respect, I can't!This system is paid, in the network for $65 lying around .If you honestly to me one of the best so to say friends from the forum Atahotel just to give her !So swear ,or be offended but I can't

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answered a little higher !


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30-50 points can be made in a second. What you are suggesting is not scalping, but Pipsing. On scalping, 30 points are taken from one bet. And you only have a day. Because of 50 points and nothing to trade. And you can't get enough money for cigarettes in a month.


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Holy simplicity! Less than a minute -- ticks and individual trades. Transactions, it should be understood, were also inserted into Forex by the developers of the "MetaTrader" program ? And in General, we live on an overpopulated Mars, so we are stacked on the streets and we are wearing virtual reality helmets. So we think we live on Earth. But in fact, we have six hands and we are all green men. BGG.


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In a subject....zig draws...and to say that the strategy sucks-at least I need to try them instead of writing about "the paltry rates."..I have a video where a friend I know in real life made about 30% for several months exactly according to the strategy of Philip Neil..the entrances and moose are being sorted out can work,but it's hard to wait for a worthwhile setup...IMHO of course...

P.S. here is the latest deal on TF dnevki according to the rules of this vehicle.... profit = 2sl...the account is real...the deal is mine...


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I wonder how much time you need to spend at the monitor to trade for five minutes?) I try to make deals on H4, but before I sell or buy, I sit for about an hour, figuring out why I should enter.

Tell me, what are the indicators at the bottom?