Trade on minutes!


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On my real Deposit for today, I earned 19% of the Deposit amount. This is a PIP on the minute chart for the Eurodollar.

You have 36 instruments that gave 1 signal.

Completely different types of activities. Pipsovka and medium-long-term, this is a very different style.

I know both mid-term and long-term. Also, as a type of trade makes a profit, you just have to wait a long time. All this affects the character of the trader. I prefer pipsovka, although I abandoned it for a long time , here again I return to this method. There are certain thoughts.))

Gasi Burzhuev

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Do you happen to drink at the monitor?


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My experience allows me to have a drink and a monitor.

I know the measure.

I drink, smoke, and do all the other things. Everything has a time, place, desire and opportunity. What I wish everyone for many years to come.

What is the point of the question?


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To make money.

You can't earn much on cent and bonus money.

And when there is no withdrawal of the desired amount of money, it is not a Forex trader, it is a loss of time, nerves and accumulation of negative experience.

I worked in large volumes on a $ 50,000 Deposit.

If the volume in the transaction is from $ 50 per 1 point, the average profit per day is 5000... 9000 dollars. This is money.

So deposits are required really with money and not with cents. And the reference point of the Deposit should be taken for $ 200,000 or more.

This is all possible only from a good start.

I have a trading system, it is PIP-based and very effective. I'm trading it now on a small Deposit, restoring my qualifications and skills. I haven't sold it in four years.. For three days of operation since last Friday = + 50% profit to the initial Deposit amount. So it's all about small things = money. Anyone who has money from $ 10,000, please contact us, you will start earning from the first day. This will be both training and support with further consultations.

Average monthly profit in the range of 200%...300% of the Deposit amount.

Life goes on and time does not wait. You can't earn money using any other method. I should have made money yesterday....

Gasi Burzhuev

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I think that here on the forum 98% of the population will arrange $100 a day. 20 days in a month. You can live on 1000, and the other 1000 could go on spinning. There is one thing BUT, hold out for more than 5 hours.

Here's to you man turned, and asked me to tell you how, and you immediately amount of $10 000 ran. And when should he study?

Here You are on the forum for 8 years. 27 thousand messages and no monitoring. No videos on YouTube?

You operate with figures of 50, 200 thousand dollars.

We can say that here everyone has an amount of $ 200 thousand. What makes you different from everyone else?


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Everything works for people who have money.

Traders with money on Deposit starting from $ 10,000 = all paths to knowledge and trading systems are open.

If you don't have money, Then you don't need a trading system, so what will you trade on? on a demo account?

You can trade on a demo account without any trading systems.

Gasi Burzhuev

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Money is a lucrative business. You can start with $1000. After three months, if the system works, add another $1000. In another three months, if everything continues to work, the good people will add another $5,000. After six months of operation, the account will have some stability and in the future your money may not be needed at all...

And so, you know, "Sell an apartment, invest in scalping which you will learn in 15 minutes is not clear who", this is some nonsense.

Gasi Burzhuev

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Where is the proof of your qualifications? Where are a lot of your happy students who have become rich thanks to Your training, and who have your oil painting hanging in their classrooms? Have you taught at least one person to earn at least $10?

Is this the current trend in the Forex market, when everyone you meet immediately asks for money for training? Have you tried to go to a major Bank and find out where they have the largest account for You? How old are you anyway?


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This is not a trend. You realized that you can live without profit until old age. So look for information on profit systems. And when you find what you were looking for, you stop and can't go any further, because everything costs money. Not only is there no income, that so much time spent on self-study, so someone else teaches and not for free.

This trend = your confusion from awareness. Soon this state will move to another state, then to the third, to the fourth = a lot of different and interesting things will be understood in Forex.

You do it the way you understand and feel comfortable. Don't accuse anyone of anything. Do not require any guarantees or confirmations from anyone. On the Internet, everything is without guarantees and without any kind of evidence. When you are ready to understand, you will stop even asking again = you will begin to instantly understand your interest and accumulate it by microparticles. No one comes to You with their suggestions. Do not wind up either yourself or the surrounding atmosphere)) All is well as it is. Everything is harmonious and goes on as usual. Forex is a game for the rich. And You decided to get money without investing your own. Maybe it will work, of course there is a chance, but only in time it will take 10 years.


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I like trading in minutes, as I prefer scalping. But such trading has its disadvantages and one of the main ones is of course the spread. Well, InstaForex he is not quite acceptable, but in principle tolerated, because the money is a bonus. But I have a real account with another broker, where the spread is much smaller, I don't want to give extra points to the broker. In General, from my experience, a minute strategy has the right to life, if the nerves are strong, as they are constantly in front of the terminal and in tension.


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Trading on minutes is very similar to guessing games because of the large amount of noise.At the same time, the minute timeframe is best suited for scalping, or swinging a mega lot for good luck. But if you are not an expert in scalping, and do not want to try your luck in trying to catch the momentum, then it is better to refrain from trading on the minute chart and use it for more accurate inputs on the signals of higher timeframes.


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Yes, I think I agree with You-trading for minutes longer is like a casino-red/black.

On the other hand, it is advisable to use a minute chart to study the behavior of the price when it turns into a correction or breaks through the resistance/support level. You can fairly accurately set stops without increasing their possible loss ( +3 points for "high" or -3 points for "low"), in a word, minutes are more "informative" than "operational".


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If there was no spread, then you can trade on minutes. At this time, it is difficult to see the trend and even more so to trade at least for the medium term. Apparently, the minute timeframe exists specifically for scalping. To determine the trend, you need to use at least an hourly chart. I don't understand how it can help in determining the correction. There should be built a local level of resistance that will be clearly visible on the M15.


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Hi, I disagree with you. What you call noise is the money of most traders and there is no need to guess here. There are a decent number of trading systems for trading on M1-M5. But it is absolutely certain that the opening of a position depends on the situation in the higher time frames. And it is not necessary to catch the momentum, it is better to use a breakdown-rebound from the levels

And not a casino at all. You've probably heard about the P123 or B2B method,
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so everything works very well on M1-M5. And the informational nature, this is just on the senior TF. But these Trading systems are of course critical to the broker's spread.


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The Euro dollar from may 17 to may 20 today is trading in the range of 13 points.

Who understands how you can earn money in such a long price range, he does it as he knows.

It is unlikely that anyone has earned anything on the hourly or daily chart during this time. It all depends on the method and knowledge of the trader, on his ability and desire to trade and earn. Approximately 70 points of profit could be earned.

The figure shows a minute graph in zoom out. "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
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