Trading systems for pips

Торговая система "Универсальная пипсовка".

Торговая система рассчитана на любую пару с временным периодом от 30 минут и выше.

Применяемые индикаторы: Fatl, satl, rftl

Сигналы для входа: Fatl пересекает rftl и satl должен быть уже изогнут в сторону пересечения (см скриншот).

Если satl не сформировал явно выраженый загиб - сигнал считаем ложным.

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so this is the signal to enter the fifth wave?
There is no wave theory here, colleague. The following indicators are used: Fatl, satl, rft, which are attached to the post below.

For clarity, the entire strategy on the chart is laid out in the form of signals.


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Isn't it too complicated, Andrey?pipsovka -work in dynamics, and keep track of three turkeys is not easy!

I already read about such methods,but something no one said- - - I use it.


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I can tell from the drawing... I still don't understand the waves, but... the "sell - right" signal is already late in the history: three candles were trampled back, but the "buy - right" just looks like the fifth wave, if you put it crudely: a jerk - a rollback, a bigger jerk-a rollback again-and here the signal is shown.
I will add a simple PIP Forex strategy on PSAR and MACD

This Forex strategy looks quite simple, but it is quite working and is successfully used by traders who prefer PIP Forex strategies - it uses only 2 Forex indicators-MACD-combo (12,26,9) and Paraballik (PSAR) - standard parameters.

We open a trading position if the signals of both Forex indicators match (i.e., the intersection of the MACD and the jump of the Paraballic point (PSAR)). But the signals should only be taken into account if they coincide during the 1st-3rd bars after the point is set by the PSAR indicator !

A trading position is opened by placing a stop order at the current point of the Paraballik indicator, if the MACD crossed first, or at the closing price of the bar, if the PSAR indicator jumped before the MACD indicator gave a signal.

Time interval - I would recommend at least 30 minutes, but it is quite possible to trade on 15 minutes.

Currency pair - any of your choice.

Download the Forex indicator MACD-combo: MACD_combo_v2.rar
Take profit - put in the amount of 10-30 pips (on request can be very successful in this strategy using an adviser “Trailing stop of 1 item Advisor for MT4” - which is very well exposes the deferred stop orders and it is very well moves triggered orders to “zero” or trailit their minimum rasseyanii, and automatically sets stop loss and take profit - ie, in fact one startup Advisor and clicking “OK” You will put a warrant already with the specified parameters (previously prepared by this strategy), when receiving a signal in this strategy Forex).

Stop loss - I would recommend putting either under the low or high of the previous candle or under (above) the points of the PSAR indicator, or you can define a standard one for yourself - for example, 15-20 p, but it is desirable that the take profit is at least 2 times more.

See examples of making deals on the chart:

<a class="mt5-inner-image]


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Why do you or do you think as cabbage mow???? Pipsovka is a very risky trade, but if you are interested, I did so. The Bolinger bands indicator with a period of 34 and a deviation of 2. as soon as the candle closes behind the upper or lower band, we open a deal. The timeframe used a minute. We exit a negative trade when the candle closes higher or lower. We take the profit at the discretion and situation. You can take a couple of pips, or you can also exit as a negative transaction. You can also make a profit of a few points(5-8 or more), just set a break-even and try to let the profit grow


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We should try to compare this system with a simple one based on MA 20 and Momentum 5 also on M30 allows you to take 20 points at the intersection, maybe the accuracy will be higher, although it is more difficult to monitor this vehicle of course. And not quite PIP, sometimes you can move an order to breakeven and move the TP.

victor kaskad

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Andrey. neither buditeli You so lyubezdny suggest where you can download the adviser "Trailing stop from 1 point, adviser for MT4" or maybe post it here on the site. You are welcome.
It's not even a bad stratezhka laid out on a Parabolic... Beginners have something to look at.

Only as always on the screen successful days ... alas... there are also unsuccessful ones with this strategy...

I chose the simplicity equation a long time ago. I only trade on Mashka and all the way.... I don't care if it's a trend or not..

Any time, any tool... Higher buy! below we will sell!... exit or stop loss or trailing depending on the pair...

I will share a secret for Eurobax (SMA4-5 shift +2 and Stoch 5.3.3) and then you will see for yourself...

This is more suitable for scalping in the manner... but it was at +5 pips on the rollback from the moving average that I started the first profit.
A reliable indicator is needed for confident Pipsing. There are such things. There are a lot of PIP systems on the machines. But it is very hard to sit constantly at the monitor, you can go crazy. Especially those who have a permanent job during the day. I don't have this option at work. I can only look at the hourly timeframe. And here the system with a parabolic is very good, the more it is profitable.