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Hello there! You count 24 points from the last minimum - these are the blue marks on your screen? The blue marks are the areas where you enter? But before that, you need to wait for the higher high, if it's up for example? Did you draw a diagram for entering the purchase, is it correct? Or is the entry made against the main movement in an attempt to catch a u-turn?

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a question for beginners: who ever said to yourself, well, what strategy is more successful for scalping on small time frames? and the fact that I read and the information at the end was not clear, I would even say that I just simply confused what and how. how to trade something with minimal losses on small time frames?


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There are a few questions:

1-why draw the opening day line at 8 am and at what time? This line can be built as early as the opening day.

2-build the minimum and maximum of the previous day?

3-with a profit, it is clear-everyone will determine for themselves, and if they do not go there, what stop or where to put it?


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The time is so convenient for me in Cyprus. Moscow time 8.00 am.

Look at any currency pair and draw the horizon on the chart in the terminal.

And look at the probability of crossing the opening day mark-the pair's movement is 85%


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The market doesn't have any openings or closings, and trading goes on around the clock. If You need to buy a million dollars such as euros, You're one click not buy so much, have gradually purchased at different times, che You to sleep at night or something, and overnight, the course will fly up and You will have to buy more expensive or overnight, the price will go down, You'll Wake and you'll regret that so cheaply bought, and what is the minimum and maximum of the previous day, everyone knows the strategy on breakout or breakout of extremmov the last day do not work - it says the same thing, that the market there days, weeks, etc. and on this forum, a lot of these strategies were considered and all died...


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I didn't understand anything.What did you want to explain to me?If you are in this topic, then answer me three questions that I asked the author of the strategy for pipsovschikov Alik681.


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Have you ever traded or are you using this strategy?It is interesting to see some results on trading, even on a demo account.


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Asking questions for a novice trader is not just excusable, but even downright necessary. by asking questions, we learn to work better on Forex. But since every professional trader sees Forex trading in their own way, sometimes listening to different traders can sometimes get confused, this should always be borne in mind when consulting.


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There is a system with a small stop loss! open the schedule M1 forward movement tendency is a temporary (possible trend line to draw and monitor to wait for the hog) and usually at the end of the movement will climax with a large amount of further little phase accumulation and breakdown are phases you go to market movement is not bad to get there stop usually about 5-10 points! (including spread)!


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It would be interesting to learn something useful from this forum thread) For example, good tips for a Piper. Devoting about an hour a day to trading. Proven trading systems from experienced traders would be very useful)


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I don't know if this set of adx and mA can be considered a system

but a colleague from another forum gave it to me

M5 set of EMA 5 21 63 252 on the principle of brilliant correction and histogram ADX 4 and 12

we look at the enumeration of ma21 and 63 and their direction we look at the indicator sticks

it works with a fixed TP and stop loss for the first peak before the intersection of mA 21 and 63

archive tplo and the indicator itself

plus owl for TP and SL

nothing complicated..just be patient.


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What exactly do you expect from experienced traders? One of the famous traders read " knowledge of strategy is only 10% of success. The remaining 90% is the experience gained from observing the market." At the time, popsoul specifically. I took the SATL+FATL+RSTL strategy for myself. These are the names of turkeys. It turned out great up to 1000 percent a day(50% risk). You know, there were plums. But I was wise here. Each day, he left only double the initial capital in the account and the rest in a stash in case of failure. Thus, having $ 10 at the start by the end of the first week, I had 1,000 in my pocket and 50 in my account. A month passed. Then, from fatigue, there were blunders. I had to go to rest and then again all over again. Half a year withstood (made a decent initial capital) and all turned sour. Now measured, if you can call the M5 period, I trade on my "Sniper" ("Sniper" by the fact that the strategy is similar to the one of the same name from Dmitriev) but with turkeys of my performance and I am quite happy.


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It's definitely not worth spending that kind of money. Most likely, the one who asks so much is a lost trader and this type of earnings is the only one for him. A really experienced trader in this matter is most likely an altruist ( from personal experience) or at least $ 100-300 in order to weed out onlookers. Even met this option: You put these 300 USD in your account and trade on them during the training process. If you were completely incompetent, the teacher will then double the balance on your account.

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In General, recently there is a tendency for people who teach trading, register accounts, throw a large amount of money there, open an order one and shoot everything on video in order to make an advertisement later as if they are trading, but in fact they do nothing immediately after that they withdraw their money, and people bite.


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And you can throw in more detail what is the SATL + FATL+RSTL strategy. If of course it is not difficult and not a pity) I would like to try and trade on it. Maybe I can do it after all)


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It is good to PIP when the spread is small, but such pairs are not very volatile, and highly volatile pairs, as luck would have it, have a large spread. And almost all the income goes to cover it. For example, another screen for today of my system.

We wait for the price to touch the trend line on the pullback, then wait for the divergence with the indicator and open, preferably on the first reversal candle again along the trend.

For convenience, in one cell 5 points (4 characters), the chart is 1 minute pound \ yen. Profit or stop is equal to 10 p. (or2 cells)

You can see that 6 trades are profitable and only one is unprofitable. From 10 p. profit, we subtract 7 p. spread and multiply by 6. = 18 p. net profit. And there is 1 loss-making trade, minus 10 p. and minus 7 p. spread = 17 p. loss.

So, one unprofitable trade blocked 6 profitable ones. Well as to their clients??? "border=" 0 "alt=" Click on the image to enlarge
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Pipsing on fantine is not the same as Pipsing on Euroline

Funciona the spread is 7 points, euroyen the spread is 3 pips.

You need to adjust for the spread. And for the pound, the PIP will be counted from 2 points to equalize with the PIP for the Euro.

Accordingly, the stop loss will need to be set twice as far as the Euro zone.

In General, with different spreads, the calculation of pips is different.

There are conditions when the spread is 1 point without Commission, where the PIP will be recalculated accordingly. To deal with pipelining calmly and not worry about calculations, you need to calculate everything in advance, issue a refund for rebate, take into account every tick and every item. This system is working, with some experience and a desire to take risks, everything will work out.