Trading tactics for M1 and M5 timeframes


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Уважаемые коллеги!

С недавних пор, меня заинтересовали возможные тактики торговли на малых таймах, в частности М1 и М5. К сожалению поиск на просторах инета обычными (общедоступными) методами результатов принес мало, а положительных, так вообще никаких, можно сказать, в связи с этим обращаюсь к вам, своим коллегам и единомышленникам - если кто связывался с такой торговлей, имеет толковую стратегию работы, то я буду очень признателен за оказанную помощь. Буду рад услышать ваши мнения и опробовать предложенные разработки.

Заранее спасибо всем откликнувшимся!


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Есть вот такая индикаторная стратегия:

1. На М15 определяется тренд по тяжелому АО. Выше 0 - вверх, ниже 0 - вниз

2. Стохастик на М15 показывает точки отсчета. При заходе стохастика в экстр. зону против тренда переходим на М5.

3. Ищем дивергенции стохастика в сторону тренда для входов.

На М1 - вообще делать нечего, имхо


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how do you like this strategy 5 minutes

you can also use M1, but this is complete cretinism in General on M1, if you need to throw through the mail, but only to the partner

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At the beginning of Namaste its not a very successful result of a trade on skrite, and then offer to be a referral!!!


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I personally did not find any sensible information about trading on small timings,on the Internet in General.Go to my topic gap on M-1 (strategy development) can add something.


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As well as eating, drinking, Smoking, talking .... etc as far as You have enough imagination! Don't be delusional, dear! If I ask a specific question, does it mean that I need an answer to it for something? A competition in wit-it's certainly great, but in my opinion You are the address of the forum was wrong!


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The last proposed system is not bad to be honest, a good option was offered to you, there is both CCI and RSI, you can also throw Stochastic, just for such small timeframes, almost all systems give a lot of false signals, trading is very unstable, unlike M30, H1, H4. you will then come to these time intervals, and trading on M1 and M5 is pampering and draining with a high probability.


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Why do you think so? After all, you can clearly define the working time, say only the European or Asian session.

Look at the history, there are just a lot of false breakouts and reversals. what is CCI what is RSI what is moving, there are not enough normal signals at all. Here is like was strategy Force, that whether, already not remember, there, too, 2 rapid moving on ~7-14 and one slow on 80 + makdak, the kind much better. But there only on H1 work to conduct.
It was long ago, not a bad showing here is boyanime:

Look at the M1 chart of the Scalper_MA indicator. The essence of the trading system is extremely simple:

Up arrow – open a buy position (bay).

Down arrow – open a sell position.

We open an order only after the price changes by more than 2 points in the direction indicated by the signal. Also, we are waiting for 7 red or blue bars to pass from the bottom.

That is, when the Scalper_MA indicator signals buy, we wait until the rate increases by more than 2 points and passes 7 bars. Only then do we open a buy order. It is also necessary to take into account the channel indicator signals on the M30.

This is far from the Grail, but if there is a trend within the day, take a bite of the pie.


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Interesting indicator! Especially the fact that it draws channels on the minutnik at first glance, there are not so many signals, but it is better to look at 5 minutes. If you work with 4 pairs at once, you can also use averaging.

not afraid

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Hello, colleagues!

As far as I've heard About the scalper_ma indicator, it's a good fun! But also a lot of negative reviews about it during the flat (like a hundred poods slivnyak).
I don't know for a long time I was interested in playing on small timers after hearing a lot of positive methods I made my analysis and I think I will try to use this strategy in the future)


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I don't know how some people manage to work on the same small frames... I prefer H1-H4, sometimes I look at D1. I tried the minute ones, my head ached - I refused this nerve-wracking treatment. although you can earn good money.I don't mind.


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Interesting system, worked on it for the month of may this year, very well. I wonder if someone is also working on it? Do you use any additional filters to enter a trade?

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And also: what pairs other than Gbp/Usd can be traded on


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The question immediately arises? How long have you been trading on the Forex market? Many professionals prefer to work only on long timeframes, so why are you interested in this question? And write how much money is poured in case of scalping it is very important!


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Movement that on minutes, that on 4-hours are identical in drawing, just the pace of drawing at the cost of new pirouettes differ. Here you need to train a lot to get used to quickly respond to changes: quickly open, fix, etc. It is not difficult to develop tactics or vehicles on small TF, since here the turkeys are not too late