Trading tactics for M1 and M5 timeframes


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Well, Yes.The graph is analyzed in my head.Channels can be seen and so, che draw them.Resistances are remembered,and you can see them too.Well, sometimes you can throw lines on the chart.According to you, it turns out that without indicators, it should be completely from Balda.As such,we do not use indicators, but only what we can draw ourselves.The indicator follows the chart automatically.You are slightly confusing indicators and your own hand-drawn art.You can draw anything on the chart,but it will not become an indicator)))And there is no time to draw on M1,M5.


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I will insert my 5 kopecks to the word to those who are against trading on small timings and pips as such. As uncle elder says, there are whole offices in the United States where people are hired and trained in one strategy-to catch a couple of pips from a deal. Think about it: organizations, not individuals, and the organization of the scalping practice.

Second, such transactions are most often canceled by DC even without reasonable grounds - these transactions - 1-2 points of profit and similar-are simply declared invalid.

What time is not everyone's business, it is a matter of the company's policy that contains these traders - the company guarantees something to its depositors and traders fulfill these guarantees.

Regarding trade in / with DC - the same thing. It's not about your Deposit - it's about your strategy. The strategy involves not only the choice of time-it is in fact the totality of all decisions made in the trade.

Why broker not like scalping? And why love it - if at a time when trading for an hour, for example, they earn 30-50 points on the movement, and for a minute in the same trading range-150-250 due to trading in (let's call it) noises. And these points - how much money is in them-only the trader knows.

Regarding expressions about nerves, endurance, and so on... - well, no question-tired - don't slow down-rest. If necessary, you can take a couple of days.

I sometimes watch Chinese movies, watch how the masters teach their students martial arts. And I came up with the idea that it is necessary to teach traders so-but not the trading system - they are all easy to understand-namely, discipline.


I'm looking for a trading system that I saw many years ago-on another forum. It was found by one of the PIP traders on a foreign forum. And he found it very simply-the topic was created by an old man from the USA - if I understand correctly, and this topic gained 10,000 views and thousands of followers in a couple of days. The system is based on indicators - but I can't even find a picture. It's about 2009-2010 (but I don't remember exactly). It is also based on monitoring the trend for several halves - all this was sealed in several indicators and viewed from one half.

I suspect that the author or grandfather who posted this system is no longer alive. There were rumors that at the time when he posted the system, he was very ill and was in the hospital. Maybe someone will remember from the old-timers about it - the topic was very popular.


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This is either the Trading Made Simple system from EelFranz, or the Max for 5 minutes... there the author seems to have died already, but the first one doesn't seem to have it yet,although he is also an old man...
Are we really going to risk our lives by opening our own system that understands a Deposit of 50,000 points per day? On binary options with a bet of $ 1,000, the profit can be 85% in 15 minutes. I don't really believe in bloody scenarios, because Forex risk exists only in the form of draining the Deposit.


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Yes, no question. Please list, at least by name (well, there are just no such people) - who made a fortune in binary options (we are talking about trading)? Well, at least 5 people.

Here on Forex there are-they even write all sorts of books.

Other markets do. But not on options. What a sad thing for options.


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Oh, well. Direct witnesses of options..

Search and it will open! Enter, and earn! Pro - - - - those and Pro - - - tsya!

When uncle elder himself says that options are ..... so options are ...... And why would he say that? He probably knows the markets.


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Or maybe the goal of Forex is not only to merge the deposits of traders, but also to fight in every possible way with successful and able to create highly profitable strategies with minimal risks? After all, it is not profitable for Forex puppeteers that traders in their mass trade profitably.


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I personally like to trade on low time frames (if time allows), but not below M5 and in the direction of the global trend from overbought or oversold zones. In this way, you can get the maximum amount of profit in contrast to a single transaction on H4, because during the day the price can rise and fall many times while still moving in the end in one direction.


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Hello.For example, I couldn't find a decent strategy for scalping, although I've been looking for quite a long time.I can't create my own trading system myself because I have little experience, so I tried to find something more or less profitable to disperse the Deposit, and as I understand it, it is better to trade on the average market, but the Deposit is small so it can not withstand drawdown.So if anyone knows how to disperse a Deposit with minimal risks on intraday trading, I will be very grateful if you share your tips.
There is only one tip for overclocking the Deposit. Answer the question are you ready to lose your Deposit? If you are not ready, then the theme of overclocking is not for You. The network has a lot of recommendations for overclocking depots, but the risk is incredibly high, there are no other options. The Golden rule of Forex has not been canceled:"the higher the rate, the greater the profit and the higher the risks". So the answer is Yours.


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Hello, Scalper! What strategy do you use for trading, can you post screenshots, indicators, etc. on it, so that you can understand what is being discussed? Because that's how only words come out, and no one is interested in that anymore. On any forum I read branches on scalping on small timeframes and mostly answer either-this is not real, or I trade Superski, I will not provide any information.