Working strategies on H4 and daily


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I think the parameters of indicators were selected for the chart.Here you can see where you can just draw a trend line.The trend but there was resistance at the bottom and left the top long white candle then stuck on top.If the flat as you think will draw Stochastic and masd.Pay attention to the absorption candles.


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After this signal, the input will not be so interesting
,you get satisfaction from entering until you get the right signals to enter,I enter before them and enjoy watching the market begin to work out .A little patience time does not matter, the goal is important to which it can stomp for a long time but in the end it comes to it,the other day and H4 can be fixed and re-enter after a rollback or correction, I never fix a part and take everything!


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Well, not everyone is given the same vision of the market as you
I, for example, am quite satisfied with the entry for absorption on H4, which then works out 1 to 3, but this does not always work: rollbacks, breaking even, dividing the initial lot into parts... previously, I tried to enter on smaller TF and keep a deal on H4 or D1, but it only gets more expensive for myself.


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This is because the citizen is right.

You need to understand that a robot is a statistical model. And to get a good working model, there is one important rule. Estimated the model parameters on one sample, check it on another.

So your models with parameters obtained from the annual sample stop working quickly, because you haven't checked how they will work in the near future.

Therefore, you just need to change the rules for selecting time periods for optimizing and testing expert advisors.


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On daily charts, I would recommend using a strategy using vsa by the way, for example, you can try to open on Japanese candlesticks, where I recently experimented with the Euro dollar pair, I came to the conclusion that the strategy works


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The older the time frame, the more reliable the analysis is. As for me, I first look at the weekly and monthly charts and build support and resistance lines on them. Well, and then-I'm guided by the diaries. You can set it for 4 hours. I don't use indicators. They are all, so to speak, from the evil one. It's just mathematical formulas and that's it. But who likes it. In my opinion, the support and resistance lines more or less objectively reflect the situation on the market. They often coincide with the volume of open interest on the CME in daily bulletins.


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Trading on H4 and D is indeed the most accurate. Among the working strategies are Price Action (trading on Japanese candlesticks and their patterns) and breaking the extremes of the day, week, and month. The main thing is that the ratio of stop to take does not go below 1 to 2, but not lower.

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I fully agree that the H4 timeframe gives more accurate market entries. The most important thing is patience, which not every trader has.

I wrote in the H1 branch that I use the pound strategy, posted an entry screen for Monday 22.02.16

Entry at the opening of the market.

Later I will post screenshots with open orders.

Good luck and success in trading!


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There are nuances here.

First, different brokers have their own H4. This is due to the fact that the opening time on Monday is different for all brokers. This of course may not confuse you, moreover, you can say "amnepoh-takeover - it is in Africa takeover"

Then the second question arises: if you have shorted the rails of H4, which of your fellow strategists will financially support you in your noble aspirations, if everyone has different opening and closing times of H4? In other words, WHO did you sell with? WHO will protect your position with limit barriers?

Well, the most interesting third point.
Trading candle figures inside the day, you can run into a lot of unpleasant surprises in the form of false designs that seem to have been 100 pounds to work out! An-no-again moose on 100P... And this is usually due to the fact that sooo many geometric shapes of the reversal - an EMPTY PILE of CANDLES. There is absolutely nothing in them - no volume, no news, no Foundation.

Therefore, the market mows down the mountain of PAS-shnikov mercilessly...

I do not in any way want to humiliate your trading merits in the field of PA trading, moreover, you are all great fellows and are going in the right direction!

I just want to say that not all pins are equally useful...

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Angy , I agree, but first of all I really want to focus on hedging my positions, so you can leave your depot with them and on the flat. Still, you need to be careful and do not rush in any case.

I wonder what will happen to the market in 5-7 years. Although the stock market is changing and the approach to it is also changing. I.e. the conclusion is the same, each time you need to adapt to the market.

Good luck and good luck in trading!


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Trade pin bar or from the formed fractals. Entrance to the terminal once or twice a day. For example, on 22.02.2016, there are two interesting signals at the opening of the daily candle. AUD / USD for sale. GBP / USD to buy initial stops for a pinbar and then move to breakeven. And calmly waiting for a profit.


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You can even once a day, or better a couple of times a week, for better signals to enter, not where we are not in a hurry, look at a good signal, work out the goal, close the door, leave with a profit, then it's not interesting.The less the inputs for the week,so they better not try to log in every day.


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The pairs opened with a GEP. Filtered through Ichimoku. Successfully opened on gbp / usd usd / cad South and aud / usd serer. All successful profits!


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Well, then it is only the elements of graphical analysis or trend lines or levels. Although this all together is a graph. analysis. Also here I would add Fibonacci levels, etc. Perhaps this is the best. This is more than enough. There are many traders who do this. For myself, I would choose days, as for me 4 hours. TF and then quickly.


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This is no longer a technical analysis, it is only fundamental, listen to what people say from the words of which the market moves, and stand in their direction.
Well, if you have already analyzed the market on the day and on H4 and understood where the Buy or Sell entry will be, drawing a trend line or channel, then why not switch to a smaller timeframe ? For example, M 5 , that's exactly what I do here you can log in better. I don't know if some indicators don't work there, but I don't use indicators at all.


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Hedging options?!This and the Deposit should be normal and how do you leave your Deposit in the flat if anything? On the contrary, hedging is useless on the flat. In 5-7 years, the market will be the same as it is now. those who understand the world processes will earn money and those who do not will merge, maybe because of currency wars, the profitability will rise strongly and the movement of 200-300 points will be every day.


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I understand the strategy is one, if the masses went to buy more than 70% then it's time to go to the villages))) as much as I notice it mostly happens, I have never seen that it was the other way around. a year ago I was here now I came back out of curiosity, nothing has changed)))


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Great advice for large deposits. It's very easy to wait for the same deal when you know that the profit will eventually find you anyway, and there may not even be a week of transactions. But if the deposits are small, then you try not to miss a single transaction, so that in the end you get a more or less normal plus for a month. This was one of my main problems in trading, but now I seem to have got rid of it.


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Forex strategy "multi-Currency" - indicator Forex strategy (currency pair can be any), trading in the strategy is conducted at intervals H4-D1, using the signals of the following Forex indicators: Moving Average, Heiken Ashi, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator.

1) Moving average with a period of 150, method-Smoothed, apply to close

2) Forex indicator Heiken Ashi

3) RSI indicator (3), adding levels 80 and 20

4) indicator Stochastic Oscillator (6,3,3), add the levels of 70 and 30

for easy installation of all Forex indicators, I recommend using the MetaTrader 4 template, which you can download at the end of the Forex strategy.

We conclude a SALE transaction if:

1) the Price is below the moving average MA (150)

2) the RSI indicator (3) being above its overbought level-80, breaks it from top to bottom and turns out to be below it at the close of the candle

3) the Stochastic Oscillator indicator (6,3,3) being above its overbought level-70, breaks it from top to bottom and turns out to be below it at the close of the candle

4) the Forex indicator Heiken Ashi can be used at will, if you use it, it should turn red for sales transactions

5) set the Stop loss above the nearest maximum.

6) Take profit will be set at will:

- equal to the stop loss value

- close part of the transaction when the profit is equal to the stop loss value, move the position to the breakeven level or put it on a trailing stop (if desired, you can use a Universal trailing stop)

- close a trade when the Heiken Ashi indicator changes its color to the opposite (for sales transactions — to white)

7) when trading on this Forex strategy, as with all other Forex strategies, I recommend using the rules of money Management. And also do not forget that only a Disciplined trader can earn money on a regular basis on Forex !

For transactions on the purchase — check the conditions !