Working strategies on H4 and daily

it is better to show a couple of examples and then you can judging by your screenshots above to trade yourself in the negative... and so let's go search the Internet for Renko live charts adviser better the latest version! then you add it to the graph and hang a couple more indicators on the chart the picture is attached:


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which currency pair is best suited for this trading system and it is more like trading on a trend, but in a flat, how does it show itself? and what is the best stop loss to set or how to calculate it if you trade on H4


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I believe that moving averages with periods of 34, 55, 89, and 144 work very well for a four-hour chart. Stochastic works very well showing overbought and oversold currency pairs. Well, as always with any hourly chart, trading behind the trend works very well.


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Price action is definitely a classic of the genre,I'm not a Pro but having studied and tried a lot of strategies on various turkeys....Yes of course there are workers, but that would be an understanding of the market of course you need to learn and practice the PA, in addition, if you have time, you can trade with different turkeys, but if the Tupa hope for some set of turkeys and do not follow the losses of the PA and the news,then most likely sooner or later the drain,at least 99%.This is my personal opinion and advice,I do not pretend to be exceptional.


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Yes diaries, well, very simple, just outrageously - "average breakdown" is called. I won't say how effective it is now, but just before the holidays, I made about 10% of it in 8 days, while the total risk for all positions was about 7% (but not for very long, the situation quickly allowed me to transfer the whole thing to used). You can easily find it with Google (Yes momomo somewhere on this forum even is).

You can see the strategy that I have in my signature. It is equally suitable for both H4 and D1, although the signals in these cases are quite rare.


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the strategy is simple, you charge a stochastic on days and hours, and if it is below the level of 20 or above 80, it makes sense to enter the market , it would not be bad to confirm the entry point with a stochastic, then the probability of getting profit increases. good luck friends.


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Ha-ha! Stochastic is not worth using for trends at all, and this is the first time I hear about buying at a decrease to 50-60 levels. here from 0 to 20 level I know what we buy or from 100 to 80 we sell. Use for the trend is better to RSI or some other. I use other parameters for Stochastic, but I don't use parabolic at all because it's not necessary. It seems that you have selected the parameters so that Stochastic and masd go the same way. Why?


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Hello gentlemen of the trader. Long-term TS Yes, just put Mashka 200 and-Mashka 100 and if you overdo it, trade and if you want to overdo it, transfer the moose to no loss here's a long-term TS. good luck to all and big profits.


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The market is thin, so the movements are quite sweeping and fast. You can try to test this first, but I can tell you in advance that when testing at least 100 trading days, we will see almost the same thing in reality. Everywhere and everything will be the same, everything will be tied up with the fact that the results will be in fractions of the order of 50/50.


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Almost all indicators work more accurately on high timeframes. You can only argue about your preferences. And if you take three or four screens of one pair and one TF, load different analysis systems on each (on one wave, on the other Fibo, further bands or forks, etc.), we will get a 100% signal. And then just wait for the profit!


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I understand that you are actively trading this trading system, if you can lay out the state for a certain period, amused by its name Forex mind, and the question parabolic redraws? if so, this is another Elevator? I love waiting state) and the outputs, as I understand exit on the opposite signal?


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AndrewFX , I Recommend that you start learning the Price Action trading system.System without indicators.It may seem difficult at first,but believe me, it's worth it! Information can be found on the forum and in the Internet.


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price action in General is an old-fashioned approach to the game, a lot of things are not working in the market now, so if you should get acquainted, then be careful. Well, of course, an interesting approach will help you understand how all sorts of patterns work and maybe something can be used in creating a game system.


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Old not price action and some of its combinations, the combinations are always new and candlestick analysis do you think will live forever while it is possible to draw candlesticks on charts, the only thing that need not a small experience in its use and timeframes at least 4 hours and best days and more.


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Hmm, maybe I'll be wrong. But it seems to me that the price itself is an indicator on diaries. First of all, candle analysis, but it does not work as well on Forex as on futures, etc. And the second is to determine the trend, which can be done by Mashka. And the third level, levels and levels and patterns on the day and to the hour. That's what you can build a vehicle from. The most important thing is to find a solid entry point, and then everything depends on your management and goals.

For example, I trade like this.

Buy when the daily candle closes above-ma50

Sell at the close of the daily candle below-ma50

At the same time, we track important levels ranging from monthly to hourly. (For example, eurusd broke through the level of 2012.02 although everyone was waiting for a reversal, but I believe this is a false breakdown and now there will be a powerful pullback)

And we track the patterns by itself for 4 hours and 1 hour.

Stop loss is 100-200 points, take is not set I use a trailing stop depending on the volatility on the lower TF.

According to the mm standard, 5% of the depot.

We trade according to the trend. Many people run into the clock and trade corrections and rollbacks (I do not do this)

The strategy has never been run in and I'm not going to see the point because with the right approach, it is profitable in any case.

Yesterday I entered the market in 6 pairs. 5 pairs entered the Bay very late, so some protrail, but quite the threat closed in profit. One pair caught on sell at the beginning of the trend for Ichimoku started from the cloud. In two days, the profit is 300 points. Left to hold 4 trades.

By the way, the Ichimoku vehicle works perfectly on diaries. Perfectly folded indicator, which is the TSK. Read it is very easy to use despite its appearance. A year ago, I looked after catching a profit, now it always stands for clarity.


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And you can compare the chart of the spot and the future. What is there so different that candles stop giving information on the first and lead to profit on the second?


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On futures, you can reinforce the signals of candle patterns, but on Forex, I would not say that everything is so transparent that it would be completely given to candle analysis.


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Hello everyoneI want to share one strategy that helps me, the essence of it is as follows:wait when will start flat,when clearly appear its borders,put 2 pending orders on its borders, one sell,the other buy,stop loss,put the opposite of each warrant,when will the directional movement of a trend,one of the orders opens that will not open is removed,and gradually move my stop loss to breakeven and closed the profits on the next flat!