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    Ninja Turtles

    Ninja Turtles Name of the Expert Advisor: Ninja Turtles (changed) Year of release: October 17, 2020 Version: 2.0 Sales Website: Currency pairs: EURUSD Timeframe: H1 Trading time: 21:00 Description: It analyzes the market without using outdated indicators and patterns, looks for the main...
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    It's based on the principle that the EA will give you so much profit, the price is not relevant. The questions you believe it? AND....can YOU make money with this EA?
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    IC Markets

    Everyone has deteriorated except for Paperstone. Ays generally began to play pranks as early as last year.
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    Trade in night lights in Alpari if you know how, it will be profitable. As an example, let's take the result for April: But taking into account the periodic slip, it is twice less profitable than in the tests. And here I have not everything tied only to the night trade. Therefore, it is...
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    Malevich Square Night performance in Alpari: So on all pairs started from the end of last month. Therefore, I now have only with the bypass of trading from 23: 55 to 01:05
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    This is the answer of a serious firm. And not as in one DC if that does not like, then send the wind to Zh. Or they respond with grammatical errors as in another DC. Or do not respond at all as in the third)
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    Through the system to the map. Bank transfer, this is separate.
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    Twice a month to the card without %. I have been working with them for a long time, there were no problems.
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    Tickmill Ltd

    Ask the support team. They respond quickly. The money can go 5-7 banking days.
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    [Discussion] What is the best way to withdraw money from the broker?

    There remains the option of advakesh-robo-a couple of deals-card on Tuesday without %
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    Pingpong Advisor"

    GBPUSD Test The test lasted two days. Very slow bot. For EURUSD since 2003, I started catching stops every year, and I turned off testing.
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    [Expert Advisor] [Martingale] FX Hunter EA (discussion only)

    REALLY ???? Only a LOSER could write such a thing! The test was laid out for everyone, without taking into account who and where will trade. You didn't do tests for all brokers and didn't post them here, did you? TDS2 takes only And then why do you prescribe the commission yourself? If you...
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    [Expert Advisor] [Martingale] FX Hunter EA (discussion only)

    As you can see, no one has misled anyone. It is standard practice to test on Ducas quotes and take a commission from your broker. And the DC report shows this as shown in the tower where the test is done in TDS2. When you are not rude, no one responds to you with rudeness.
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    [Expert Advisor] [Martingale] FX Hunter EA (discussion only)

    How to calculate exactly the risk, and not the mythical profit? Until recently, you multiplied the spread by 0, and did not get zero. And now you're giving out "smart" advice, and you're shitting really smart people. Learn to communicate, without insults, and people will reach out to you. And...
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    [Expert Advisor] [Martingale] FX Hunter EA (discussion only)

    That's right, Mr. scientist, answer the questions pliz neuchu - HOW CAN YOU GET A BETTER RESULT WITH A COMMISSION OF$ 7 THAN WITH$ 4 ??? How do I calculate the risks from reinvestment tests???