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    Which is better to use MT4 or MT5?

    I tested the demo. Many brokers offer only MT4, but the results on MT5 are much better. I plan to buy an optimum package. Which version should I choose mt4 or mt5?
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    Which broker/account type do I need for Elon Musk Advisor?

    I don't know why I bother, just follow the list of recommended brokers:unsure:
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    -=Changelog=- And -=Upgrades =-

    You need to do this. The test results from the strategy tester are very unreliable. I am not ready to buy such an expensive product, just on the basis of simulated results from the strategy tester.
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    -=Changelog=- And -=Upgrades =-

    hi, jared, what do you think about adding a full demo for the product?
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    MQL4 / MQL5 Developer. Accepting orders for development.

    Excellent performer and person. Everything as always on the level and height. I recommend the guy does a great job and helps)))).
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    AMP Trading

    Yes, I finally decided... what market will I work in, and what broker will I work with after training?... while I read one of Elder's books, I moved on to another. All over time. I want to read Gerchik again. To begin with, I will start on the futures market (perhaps I will stop there), for this...
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    AMP Trading

    _ In the first place in the ranking on _http: / / www.elitetrader .com... This says a lot, and I like the NinjaTrader platform better than MT4... And who heard what reviews?