ELM EA Metal 2.1

ELM EA Metal 2.1

ELM EA Metal​

  • Metatrader 5
  • Gold/USD, Silver/USD
  • 3 Accounts*
  • Any Broker
  • Work on Demo and Real
  • Access to private forum
  • Premium telegram support**
  • 14 day money back***
The crypto version and the metal version were not tested on real accounts, as well as optimized settings were not created for it. Currently, it is a beta version. You are advised to find the optimal settings yourself.

*The number of accounts on which the algorithm can be run at one point in time. The algorithm has no binding to the account owner’s name or trading account number.
**Premium - processing time from 1 minute to 8 hours on weekdays. Regular - processing time from a few hours to 48 hours on weekdays.
***For a refund, please read the licence agreement and refund policy
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Hello Team

As i payd 1999$ For the PROFESIONAL ,
If i set my license and Key on the metal / Crypo version,
will it works ? or i need Buy each Model of the EA?

Thx good trade to all.
good morning everyone.
The Demo Metals is missing.
We want to test.
I myself do not know the results of this model.
Jared please make him available for MT4
Thanks to the developer for this version! I've been wanting to try metal trading for a long time.
For a long time I chose which version of the adviser to take. As a result, I came to a rather extraordinary decision for myself and bought ELM Metal. I used to trade manually on gold, but this is nothing compared to trading with an adviser. Gold is volatile and that's what this EA needs. In general, it seems to me that gold is the most suitable asset for EA. My broker is FPmarkets. Gold spreads are tight, there are trades, there are no problems with this broker.