ELM EA Optimum MT4

ELM EA Optimum MT4 2.1


  • Metatrader 4
  • 3 Accounts*
  • Any Broker
  • Work on Demo and Real
  • Access to private forum
  • Regular telegram support**
  • 14 day money back ***

*The number of accounts on which the algorithm can be run at one point in time. The algorithm has no binding to the account owner’s name or trading account number.
**Technical support 24/5
***For a refund, please read the licence agreement and refund policy
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  1. version 2.1

    The development of this version 2.1 became one of the most protracted and difficult, as version...

Latest reviews

I tried the demo edition was working perfectly from 3000$ its make up to 4000$+ in 5 days will try on real account and will update for results soon
Installed it but keeps saying Trade OFF: wait 2 minutes and restart. No change when i restart MT
I would like more customization to individualize the algorithm. Also, I don't understand why I can't change the comment in the orders?
The algorithm works well on MT4, but not as fast as I would like it to be for scalping. MT5 is way faster! I would like to Upgrage Packege to PRO for use MT5 EA. Right now this trading platform controls the market, the future is only for it!!! That would be cool1
The Expert Advisor itself brings in money, but the affiliate program is also a good earner. I do it with the help of my instagram)
Hey guys! I'm writing a review about the work of the algorithm and the work of the author himself - Jared! You're awesome, bro! You help me a lot in personal communication via telegram, I appreciate it and I wish you to improve further! Everything is cool !
Not enough opportunities to work with gold and cryptocurrencies, 6 currency pairs are too little in our difficult times to be at the helm of the profit .
After the successful work of the Expert Advisor for a month, slippage began on the account and the speed of execution is constantly changing. After a letter to technical support, I received a recommendation to change the broker. So change broker every time?
I do not see any competitors for this advisor, the price, of course, bite and the choice of brokers is limited, but on the whole I am satisfied. The algorithm is improving, and first of all it is noticeable at the end of each trading week.
The author has added new parameters and increased the number of currency pairs, which has led to an increase in the number of trades. After two updates in 10 days, the Expert Advisor has radically changed its work. Thanks to the developer of the project for the fact that he monitors the wishes of clients.
Definitely give him 5 stars!
A smart and accurate algorithm that doesn't outlive the drawdown.
But what should I do with slippage at my favorite broker icMarket!!?