After 3 days testing I can say that it's working excellently. Thank you Ramil.
I'm sure to be the one who bought the new EA "Gold Watch" from RAmil! The bots his team creates are top-quality so I don't think twice times that when I find a new one, it's mys :) You can trust Ramil and EA's since they are fantastic!! Cash-flow machines are available with the right settings. The board is too easy to manage. I put this excellent advisory on US TECH 100 with M15 No martin, lot : 0.01 , max buy 5 for each and the rest is set up by Ramil. Don't forget to incorporate the indicator : Peak-Repainter . Thank you for your time Ramil and to all other traders, I wish you the best of luck. Un petit mot en Francais car je suis un french courtier, n'hesitez pas a investir dans les robots de Ramil car ils sont tous excellent et incroyable pour des benefices :) Vous pouvez aussi voir les autres bots chez nos amis : Vasily STRUKOV et Vladimir STEPANOV