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Bought ELM_EA Crypto and Opti versions earlier this year, the flight is excellent. They complement each other perfectly, as deals in Opto version are not always there, unlike Crypto version (Btc opens deals almost every day), which of course can't help but please! In the nearest time I want to buy Metal version and then I will have full set!
God bless you!
I work with ELM_EA Optimum MT4 for 2 months, the result is great, but I would like to be able to work with a greater number of trading accounts simultaneously, 3 is not enough.
This is an excellent bot for its price, a big plus is the ability to work without binding to an account number or name, good technical support. I would also like to mention a large number of currency pairs which you can work with. This is awesome!

The only downside for me is the lack of version for working with indices and the need to work on a VPS server.
Special thanks for the technical support and responsiveness to requests!
Very glad that the developers of this project took the time to demo version. As it really helps to understand the functionality of the bot and find the best parameters for working with your broker. This is a big plus! I am going to buy the Pro version next month!
Hi ! I am very happy to use Elon Optimum , all installation and setup is very simple , for me as a person who is just getting acquainted with algotrading , this is a big plus. The technical support is excellent, both before and after the sale of the product, they answer almost instantly. My only regret is that I did not buy the MT5 version since I think there are many great brokers for MT5. But I think that after a couple of months I will be able to afford the Pro version and then everything will be just great!
As an experiment I installed the licensed version on a demo account, I have not found any difference between the Demo Pro version and the licensed Pro version. As well I was surprised with the work results on real accounts in Tickmill Mt4, the difference with the demo account, only in the number of trades, but I think that is more of a problem for the broker than for Elon. I will continue to work and report my future results.
Thank you!
I want to leave a comment after 3 months of working with Elon bot, maybe I got the best conditions on the market, but all 3 months of work, I get excellent results in my account