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  1. Jared

    Elon Musk EA Doesn't match my expectations. Read this if you want to use ELM_EA!

    Hi, There are going to be a lot of letters in today's post, but if you want to start understanding the market a little better, I recommend reading carefully what I would like to talk about today. Very often, especially in the last 2 weeks, I get a lot of unhappy messages from users. All users...
  2. Jared

    Read before you trade

    Hi, many users when they first download my algorithm are interested in the same questions. Here I have tried to answer many of the most frequently asked questions. Which Time Frame should I use? For analysis, the algorithm uses ticks. Each price movement is analyzed. This is a much more...
  3. Jared

    Settings description

    I finally released version 1.7. I decided to change the format of the instructions a bit. New instruction about Elon Musk EA settings! Do you want Elon Musk EA to work profitably for you? Follow my recommendations ;) - For full and profitable work of the advisor it is necessary to use...
  4. Jared

    Which version should you choose?

    Which version should you choose?
  5. Jared


    Hello, If you want to help us and contribute to the development of the project, ask your questions here in the forum. Every public question will get a public answer and add a little more free time for me :) I know you all love instant replies on Telegram, but I just don't have enough time to...
  6. Jared


    Hello, dear customers! I created this topic so that we can discuss here what kind of results you get when working with ElonMuskEa. Please feel free to post here and tell us about the brokers you work with.
  7. Jared


    Hi, I'm getting a lot of reports now that the results between strategy tester and trading in real or demo accounts are significantly different. I have been thinking and solved this problem. I will now tell you more about it. Problem As a developer, I can optimise any algorithm to work on...
  8. Jared


    Hi, Maybe you want to become my client and you have questions, please ask those questions here. Please keep your question brief and as informative as possible.
  9. Jared

    Earning forum credits

    We have developed a loyalty system for customers, which allows you for your actions to earn virtual currency of our forum. In the future, this currency can be used to purchase licenses for our software. Users receive virtual credits for each post which satisfies the conditions of moderation.
  10. Jared

    How to buy cryptocurrency?

    Hi, The year 2021 has brought many positive changes for us and more and more customers are buying exclusively with cryptocurrencies. So in 2021, we will officially stop supporting any other payment methods. This reduces the tax burden for us and increases the speed and transparency of all...
  11. Jared

    Recommended list of brokers for scalping

    Hi, here I will write a list of brokers that I or my clients manage to earn with using Elon Musk Ea. A more detailed discussion of many more brokers can be found here. 1. 2. Tickmill UK Pro account 3. PaxForex Standard Account 4. Peperstone - Razor Account 5. FBS Broker 6. FXDD...
  12. Jared

    What is a VPS server and why do we need one for trading?

    VPS server Is ...
  13. Jared

    How to buy a Elon Musk EA ?

    Hi, I will now tell you how to make a license purchase for the Elon Musk Ea. Also, you can earn virtual dollars just by doing certain things on the forum. - How Earn Forum Credits You can buy any of the three versions: ELON MUSK EA PROFESSIONAL ELON MUSK EA OPTIMUM MT4 ELON MUSK EA OPTIMUM...
  14. Ahmad


    After downloading, I see two separate folders. Which one should I install? Optimum? Pro?
  15. Jared

    -=Changelog=- And -=Upgrades =-

    Hello, dear user! Well, I've finally managed to release version 1.0 to the public. I didn't expect such a large number of customers, among my forum users in the first week of sales. Thank you all! We have a lot of work ahead of us! I will be posting here: -=Changelog=- Elon Musk Ea. I have a...