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  1. Austin

    Elon Musk EA Doesn't match my expectations. Read this if you want to use ELM_EA!

    If I were you, I would not sell this bot at all to those with no experience in algo trading - you need to create a survey sheet before you take a new client))
  2. Austin

    Which timeframes can I run Elon Musk EA?

    The word "tick" means the minimal change of the trading instrument quotation. It does not take into account neither the price direction, nor the time, during which this change occurred, nor the number of passed points. All that is important is the fact of price movement as a result of conclusion...
  3. Austin

    [Adviser ] Karaganda (name changed)

    In January, I just stopped putting up deals( I do not know what else to try, reinstalling, reloading the terminal, installing on another Pc, changing the broker did not help. There are no errors, just stopped and that's it. Maybe someone has already encountered this problem?
  4. Austin

    -=Changelog=- And -=Upgrades =-

    You're a goddamn genius, bro! Thank you!
  5. Austin

    -=Changelog=- And -=Upgrades =-

    Can you please tell me how to estimate the slippage? Does the algorithm have any functionality that shows slippages at my broker?