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  1. Charlie_SpaceX

    MQL4 / MQL5 Developer. Accepting orders for development.

    I am not in the business of selling or promoting ELM_EA, I am a programmer. Your best bet is to write to the project author and head developer Jared, he will answer any question you have;) This is the only EA I can recommend to you, many clients work with it quite successfully. The main thing...
  2. Charlie_SpaceX

    MQL4 / MQL5 Developer. Accepting orders for development.

    Hello ! Have you considered such a project as ELM_EA ? I participated in its development and the bot showed itself quite well in testing .
  3. Charlie_SpaceX


    Yes, all older versions are available for download.
  4. Charlie_SpaceX


    I paid with Ethereum.
  5. Charlie_SpaceX


    I would like to make a purchase using PayPal, how can I do that?
  6. Charlie_SpaceX


    It's very strange - it's the largest payment operator here in America.
  7. Charlie_SpaceX

    Minimum account blanace

    I started with 1k..... And leverage 1:30. in 30 days, I have in my account 1110$ Not as much as I would have liked.
  8. Charlie_SpaceX


    Thank you for this attitude to your customers. Very easy to install, I think it's very hard to make a mistake) Before that I worked with Expert Advisors, which required individual settings for each currency pair and many additional parameters. And there was no result. With your Expert Advisor...
  9. Charlie_SpaceX

    Pingpong Advisor"

    what is this nonsense? friend don't be a chatterbox, I pulled out the files personally, this is the owl
  10. Charlie_SpaceX

    [Adviser] Easy Walker Fx (discussion only)

    and why is there only one monitoring per 100 bucks very young? are the others merged?
  11. Charlie_SpaceX

    [Expert Advisor] [Martingale] FX Hunter EA (discussion only) Drawdown: 53.22% somehow does not pull on LOWRISK??? something went wrong? :-s
  12. Charlie_SpaceX

    Free Forex Expert Advisor"

    Name of the Expert Advisor: "Free Forex" Year of release 2020 Version: 8.0 Couples: AUDUSD, EURAUD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, XAUUSD; Timeframe: M1 Trading Time: 24/5 Monitoring:
  13. Charlie_SpaceX

    Maestro Euro

    the fact that the hospital is fake
  14. Charlie_SpaceX

    [Expert Advisor] [Grid Operator] " Control"

    I support it, in the new version they did something clever, for example, they removed support for other pairs and left only 2 >:d I attach a newer past version 1.30, with support for USDJPY, AUDUSD, EURGBP, GBPJPY and other pairs: afro: pill required |dnc|
  15. Charlie_SpaceX

    [Expert Advisor] [Grid Operator] " Control"

    thank you the 2nd version works and here is the first why there is no writes ashipka critic type, have kogonit works? :-?
  16. Charlie_SpaceX

    [Expert Advisor] [Grid Operator] " Control"

    thank you, but in the header there is a version newer than 2.01 l -) please correct it >: d This is a new and improved version of Forex InControl, which we call-Reborn New Accelerator Mode Drawdown Control Trading on 2 currencies Risk diversification The main things that make Forex InControl...
  17. Charlie_SpaceX

    Library for market files 2021-05-06

    The password to the archive is tlap The description will be adjusted if necessary. The library will work up to and including build 1330. Builds in the beta version may not be supported. For example, the 1322 build is not announced in the developer's blog. So it is not included in the list of...
  18. Charlie_SpaceX

    [Adviser] [Martingale] Trio Dancer

    do you think vsb is better?
  19. Charlie_SpaceX

    [Expert Advisor] [Scalper] Best Free Scalper EA by FXautomater

    is there still such a thing? and what is the point of a zero spread for the kitchen? what do they earn? :-?