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  1. achab

    Recommended list of brokers for scalping

    Yes, I am interested in it, too. P.S.: Why I can't see "Customer" here? I am! :cool:
  2. achab

    ELM EA Professional

    Hi! You can use this tool on to check how much margin you need for opening a trade. I have checked it for you and if your leverage is 1:100, you'd need CHF 721.9231 for opening a 1.13 lots trade on AUDJPY. So, the first question is: what is your account leverage? And the second is...
  3. achab

    ELM EA Pro DEMO [MT4&MT5]

    Jared, good morning. I started to test this MT4 demo version with a RAW account and the suffix is ".i", different from before. So, now the EA can't work because it didn't recognize the symbol (he has in its list only symbols like "EURUSD", "GBPUSD" and so on). Is this "limitation" about the...
  4. achab

    ELM EA Opti Demo [MT4]

    It happened to me too, with two different brokers.
  5. achab

    Recommended list of brokers for scalping

    Do these brokers work beautifully with MT5 only? /achab
  6. achab

    ELM EA Opti Demo [MT4]

    Hi! This is my first post, just registered. I'm using the demo version (Pro_Demo_2.1) and my question is: which differences with this new OPTI DEMO [MT4] 2.1 version (apart that this last one doesn't work with MT5)? /achab