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    Hi guys, do you mind if I join your conversation and also share my opinion about the purchase? For me, purchasing a licensed version was the right decision. After 4 months after the purchase, I'm only more and more convinced of this. I have no claims to the developer. The algorithm works clearly...
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    What do you mean by good opportunities? Have you opened a real account with them? What are their trading conditions? Do they allow you to withdraw profits?
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    MFF settings

    I tried to work with 3 Prop Companies, these are MFF, FTMO and 8cap. The first two tests were very successful at default settings, but not so with 8cap. Probably because their servers are located in Tokyo..
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    Hello buddy! If you have doubts about working with your broker, then start working with a demo version. I also recommend looking for threads on the forum that discuss the work of ELM_EA with various prop firms. Judging by the messages, many of the clients go through various stages and phases...
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    results of the licensed version of Pro/Opti 2.1"

    I opened an account with Avatrade MT4 broker! the spread is certainly high and there were no transactions this week yet, but I am pleased with the results for the last week. What brokers do you work with? I plan to open another account with the FBS broker, but for now I am saving some money to...
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    results of the licensed version of Pro/Opti 2.1"

    Hi all ! I don’t know how relevant this topic will be, but I want to share my joy that I bought the Pro 2.1 version a couple of weeks ago and I want to share my thoughts and observations on the work of this bot on my accounts! If anyone also wants to join the company, then join and share the...
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    ELM 2.1 broker ActivTrades

    Dear, let me disagree with you. If the adviser opens a deal, then there is volatility in the market. This provides a good profit for the adviser. And in this situation, the main thing is that the broker has slippage within the acceptable range, and the spread, as such, will not greatly affect...
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    You can change this value in the settings by increasing the maximum allowable spread = 5-7 and observe the result of the ELM operation. Nowadays it is not so easy to find a broker with low spread and high quality execution, but it is possible
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    Preset used for approval on My Forex Found "MFF"

    yes, these set files are for ELM
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    Preset used for approval on My Forex Found "MFF"

    Why don't you like the default settings? many prop ftrm customers use them and are satisfied
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    Preset used for approval on My Forex Found "MFF"

    nothing is clear, write in English, or contact technical support -
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    Settings description

    I think, colleague, on such issues it is best to contact technical support.
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    FTMO settings

    Use the default settings.
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    Hey man, if you're still waiting for help here, then it's better to contact Jared directly, he will help you - @develonbot
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    Test version ELM EA 2.1 before release on 10 brokers for 30 days.

    What do you mean by a fundamental challenge account, colleague?
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    CrinvestFx Strategy Review-New Forex Broker Monster

    how can you prove their legitimacy? For example, I have been on this forum for a long time. I'm testing the demo. I'm asking Jared questions online. I get answers from him. I communicate with living people who have already purchased an adviser. There is a whole community of people who have...
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    CrinvestFx Strategy Review-New Forex Broker Monster

    How can you prove your financial success? The Internet is full of strategies that promise to get rich quick, but more often than not, it's just a money siphon. What guarantees do you provide? If I transfer these 124 bucks to you, and then you disappear?
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    I think with this question it is better to contact Jared in technical support. You also need to install a VPS with a server in London.
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    Brother, if the bot is connected and has no errors in the expert tab, then I recommend trying to change the settings to more aggressive ones, if this does not help, then the problem is not in ELM, but in the broker