Alligator Expert - avail forex ea review

Nov 22, 2022

Alligator Expert is a trend-follower expert advisor that is based on double alligator indicator. This EA uses fixed visible Stop Loss and Take Profit. It is specifically designed to work with the USDJPY M30 time frame.
Main Features:
  • No Averaging.
  • No Martingale.
  • No Hedging.

Setting Parameters:
  • Expert Name Expert Name EA name and comment on trades.
  • Magic Number Magic Number EA identification number to identify trades.
  • Fixed Lots - Fixed lot size.
  • Auto Lots - True if you wish to enable the auto lot size calculation.
  • Auto Lots Risk - Risk calculation to determine the size of an auto lot.
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss.
  • Take Profit- Take Profit.
  • Trail SL - Trailing Stop Loss.
  • Max Spread Allowed If spread is higher, EA wont trade.
  • Indicator Setting.
  • Start Time - Start time to switch on EA.
  • Stop Time Stop time to shut off EA.
  • Weekdays True if you want to open the day with an order.

  • USDJPY M30.
  • Raw or zero spread ECN spread account.

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