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Nov 22, 2022

Fully automated, advanced trading robot that is fully automated and advanced. It is based on the indicators of the traditional indicator "Alligator". It uses smart trailing or averaging system with pending orders for exit positions.


  • Completely automated system
  • Customizable Indicator settings,
  • Built in an automatic calculation of lot,
  • Easy setting,
  • Modify the multiplier to your liking,
  • Comprehensible panel interface.

Solving problems -> HERE/ MT5 Here

The essence of the indicator:
The Alligator Indicator consists of three moving averages. Jaw is a long moving average (blue) and the teeth are a medium moving average (red) and the lips are a fast moving average (green). The indicator helps to determine the presence of a trend and also its direction.
The trend is upwards in the case of green at the top, below is red, and then blue.When the top is blue, and then red, and finally the bottom is green, then it is trending downwards. When the indicators lines are interlaced, there is no obvious trend and the market is flat.

If the indicator shows that the trend has begun and is confirmed by the Expert Advisor, the Expert Advisor opens an order to continue in the current direction.
It means that the EA trades on the trend. For a single trend the Expert Advisor will start the initial order just once. This means that once one grid or order is closed, the EA cannot open new orders until the trend has changed direction.
If there is a change in the trend direction, the Expert Advisor may open orders in the opposite direction.

The exiting of a position
After the advisor has opened an order:
1. If the position is in the direction of profit the trailing stop is activated. The position is closed with the smart trailing system.
2. If the position shifts in a downward direction the averaging function for pending orders is applied.

Please note! The Expert Advisor does not display indicators!

Input variables:​

The size of the first order - volume needed to open the order
Enable Autolot calculation - Use automatic lot calculation.
Autolot deposits per 0.01 lots - The amount of the deposit per 0.01 while using Autolot calculation
Jaw Period Blue Period the longest-running average,
Jaw Shift - shift for the longest moving average
Teeth Period - period of red and the middle moving average
Teeth Shift - shift for the middle moving average
Lips Period - period of green,
Lips Period - period of the greenest SL SLips
Lips Shift - shift to the shorter SLips
MA Method Alligator MA method for calculating indicator
Price Alligator Applied Price applied to slips
Multiplier to increase the size of orders - m volume multiplier for orders pending, every subsequent open order on the grid will be bigger than previous ones by this coefficient;
Step for order pending Step for pending orders variable, which regulates the time between orders on the grid which is which is measured in pips.
Trailing Start Trailing Start the amount in pips. After the market order has been opened when this volume of pips is reached the order will be set as Trailing
Trailing Step once the specified step is passedTrailing will be pulled up behind the price
Maximum slippage of points - maximum allowed slippage in points for opening and closing orders
Maximum spread in points . spread to open orders
Maximum quantity of orders the maximum quantity for an order. Measured in lots
Maximum number of orders. The maximum number of orders of a particular type
Orders Magic number MagicNumber EA orders
Comments on the EA's orders. Comments for EA orders
Allow to open OP_BUY orders - permit opening OP_BUY orders
Let open OP_SELL order - allow open OP_SELL orders
Allow to open new orders after closing. You can make new orders after closing
Display advisor panel You can show or hide the panel of advisor
The font size is displayed in the panel Set the font size in panel

Technical Support​

Please contact support,
To ask questions. Write to our AW Trading team -> [email protected]


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New member
Feb 15, 2022
This turns out to be a very good EA, i optimised my settings to ensure that it can work for 22 years with a 1000dollars deposit, and many pairs. It's difficult to find anything better over a long amount of time.