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Jul 6, 2014
Comrades, who uses the services of this service? Prices and speeds look attractive.

VDS / VPS "Delta 20" [NL] (1 CPU/1 GB RAM/20 GB SSD) - $ 3.49 / month.
KVM Virtualization
Intel Xeon Processor 1 core x 3300 MHz
RAM - 1024 Mb
SSD-disk - 20,000 Mb
Channel - 100 Mbps
OS - Windows or Linux
Unlimited Traffic
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Oct 21, 2018
dalmaktris, a strange way of advertising. Disguise as a normal user failed miserably, if anything. The post is stupidly stripped entirely from the Zomro theme fcplm

But since such a drunkenness has gone, then immediately catch a couple of questions:
1. The data center is the same as that of Zomro, the tariff grid is even called the same, billmanager is the same, even the promo code for the discount is the same !!! About Us page" entirely transferred from Zomro, including the certificate of registration ! Only the prices are higher. The question is: Who are you ?
2. I decided to buy for a month for the test. The promo code doesn't work. When you enter "The promo code is incorrect". Already from the start shoals. For the full price, the desire to test is no longer there. Will you give me a test for at least a month or 20 ? Or do you close in a month and it is not profitable to give discounts and tests ?

Can we immediately blacklist them or wait for the response of the head of the transport department ?
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