FXopen Scalping Bot

Nov 22, 2022

FXopen Scalping Bot is a fully automatic robot for trading using FXopen broker. We have tested this robot on fxopen broker accounts and achieved effective results. We recommend using the robot at the broker FXopen account type - ECN minimum deposit of $500, the currency pair GBPUSD, time frame H1. To achieve the identical results as we did, you should fulfill the technical requirements we wrote in the previous paragraphs.
FXopen Scalping Bot is an automated scalper. Although the robot is based on the timeframe H1, it is able to open from 1 to 5 trades within a day. This means that the robot is based on an intraday trading strategy that is also known as scalping. The robot doesn't open deals for a long period of time. All trades are opened and closed within a single day of trading.
FXopen Scalping Bot can work in two modes that are standard and Martingale. You can select the mode within the robot's settings, in the "Martin" parameter. You can turn on or off the Martingale parameter here. If you enable the Martingale option the robot will multiply the trading volume by 1.2 if the trade before was losing.

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Benefits of the robot:​

  • Works in scalping strategy.
  • Can work with normal or Martingale mode.
  • Trades that require deposits of $500 and more.
  • Can install multiple robots within the same account.
  • After you buy the robot, you are able to set up the robot on 15 different PCs.
  • Pair GBPUSD
  • H1 time frame

The settings robot:​

  • TeakVolume - filter for opening deals. The more valuable the value, the less trades the robot will open but it will be more precise.
  • period_ma - the period of muving short. Used as a signal to open trades.
  • period_ma_long - period of the long muvin. It is used as a signal to open trades.
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss for open orders.
  • TakeProfit - TakeProfit is available for open orders.
  • Main_TakeProfit - TakeProfit to the virtual block.
  • TrailingStop - trailing stop for the escort of the orders.
  • loss - the ratio of loss to protect the open sequence of orders.
  • Risk - size of the amount for open orders. It is determined by the amount of trade balance. The larger the balance of trading grows, the greater will be the amount of trades that are part of open orders.
  • Martin Martingale - turn on and deactivate Martingale mode.
  • Magic - magic unique number for open orders.


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