Gold Miner H4 - forex diamond ea free download

Nov 22, 2022


This EA was developed specifically for the GOLD (XAUUSD) H4. Everything is tested and ready for immediate use on a real-world accounts. Strategy is based on breakout of the highest CHANNEL after a time of consolidation.
  1. It makes use of Stop-Pending orders that have the Fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit. It also makes use of PROFIT TRAILING and BreatheVENfunctions in HTML2to catch from the profits as much as is possible.
  2. For every candle the pending orders are adjusted to adapt the market behavior.
  3. Everything is already set for H4 timeframe. You need to set only the lotsize based on the size of the capital relative to the expected risk.
EA has been backtested on more than 12-year long tick data, with the highest quality of modeling. It is not necessary to create parameters, all settings are adjusted and fine-tuned.
The attached screenshots show the complexity and coverage of the tests which every strategy of mine must pass:
  • IS/OOS tests.
  • Test for slippage.
  • Test on a different market to check the edge.
  • Test on a lower and a higher timeframes.
  • Robustness tests:
    • Monte Carlo simulations of Randomize trades order.
    • Randomly skip trades.
    • Randomize strategy parameters.
    • Randomize the history data of the past - volatility change.
    • Sensitivity for spread and slippage.
  • Walk forward matrix - verify that the strategy can be adapted to a broad range of market conditions.
My recommendation is to have an examination of the other of my offerings, since the advantages of portfolios are diversification through market, timeframes, and so on. Portfolio of strategies works better when used in conjunction.
A broker that has a low margin and slippage can be recommended to get better performance. There is no need to use an account with a large size.


  • Each trade is protected with Stop Loss.
  • No martingale, no grid, no scalp, no hedge, no latency, no arbitrage.
  • There is no excessive use of CPU resources.
  • User-friendly settings.
  • All settings optimized.
  • Long-term strategy.
If you have any questions, please contact me before buying.


  • Lots = 0.01 - set current lot size, adjust by your capital size..
  • MagicNumber = 6121 6121- trade ID.
  • CustomComment = Gold Miner H4 - custom comment in the history of the world.
  • EmailNotificationOnTrade = false - if a trade is opened, an email is sent to you; you need to setup an SMTP server in MetaTrader 4.
  • DisplayInfoPanel = true - enable or disable the info panel that appears on the chart


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