How many years has Elon Musk been developing EA?


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Sep 29, 2015
I just wondered how ready the algorithm is for large accounts? Maybe someone already has a practice of working with $ 10,000 and above. I saw the first posts on the forum in early 2019.


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Feb 11, 2012
The origins of the algorithm take us to the end of 2008. That's when I started to immerse myself in the programming language and create something of my own, as everything that was sold on the Internet, was absolutely useless and did not bring any money.

I spent a lot of time to create something worthwhile for me personally, and in 2010 I already had the first success in earning money. That's how over time, if in short I have come to the fact that I have developed from scratch by my own efforts and heaps of wasted time. At this period of time the algorithm is 99% complete version, passed hundreds of tests at different brokers on different types of accounts. And it has proven its effectiveness.

As for the size of the deposit in the account, I had different clients and investors, I led their accounts when I was not so actively engaged in sales and deposits up to $ 45,000. At that time the bot did not have a smart risk management system like now. At this stage the code of the algorithm has serious differences
from its first form. Each trade is limited to a stop loss. Virtual and real stop loss. Also the bot has a limit on the number of losing trades; when this amount is reached the bot disables the trade and many other parameters, which were developed as their demand. All this allows you to keep your deposit safe. You can learn more about all the update periods in this thread . If you have any personal questions, please send me a message on Telegram.


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Jan 22, 2016
That's very respectable, Jared! Thank you for your work) I liked the work of the demo, I am impressed.
I will be buying your advisor soon.