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Apr 2, 2014
Server & Cloud - reliable hosting in Switzerland. We have been working since 2011.

Location: Switzerland, Zurich
Data center: Interxion, Switzerland, Zuerich

An individual approach to each client, a high level of quality of services provided and the optimal location of the data center will not leave you indifferent to our service.

Regardless of the type and price of the service offered, you get:

1. Access to the latest server hardware available for rent
2. Network, with the ability to repel attacks up to 400 Gbps
3. Technologies from leading representatives of the field
4. Personal support and automated management tools
5. Protection of personal data in accordance with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act

Server & Cloud-the provider that thinks about you. Our team has made every effort to ensure the round-the-clock and uninterrupted operation of your resources for many years.

Any questions? We have Live Chat 24 hours for everyone.
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We especially want to mention the core of the network:

- fault-tolerant and balanced network infrastructure built on equipment from Juniper, Cisco, Arista, Solidfire, Supermicro, A10 Networks
- communication channels with leading operators around the world, connecting to most exchange points in the world
- ability to suppress all types of DDoS attacks in real time, without the involvement of the client or staff
- the company's management is also a developer of solutions for filtering traffic from DDoS attacks
We promise
- We are ready for the future and follow the development of technology, observing the neutrality between continuity and innovation.
- The best server configurations at the lowest prices in the region
- Truly fault-tolerant cloud services and VPS based on SSD SAN (Solidfire) and hybrid HDD/SSD/RAM SAN based on ZFS.
- One of the best indicators for Latency, only Premium traffic-for everyone !
- Uptime 99.99%

Learn more about services with sample configurations and prices:

[+] VPS-Virtual Dedicated Server or just VDS

The platform for VPS hosting is built on the basis of the Server & Cloud Cloud, with all its advantages:

- Two levels of redundancy for all your data
- Fast HDD / SSD hybrid drive with an average access level of only 2.7 ms
- Optional 100% SSD drive with guaranteed IOPS for high-critical tasks
- Control Panel: VNC, PTR, Power, Free DNS hosting
- Round-the-clock monitoring and Live Chat support service

VPS Server configuration VPS-V0:

2.4 Ghz Intel Xeon (1 CPU)
512 MB memory
20 GB disk
1 TB of traffic included
10 GbE network
1 IPv4 address

Cloud-Cloud hosting for a new level of ease of infrastructure management

The Server & Cloud cloud hosting platform is built on the basis of a fault-tolerant hardware storage system with multiple backups and the use of SSD and RAM caching of disk operations.
The Cloud network is built using only 10 GbE network interfaces and Juniper, Arista hardware (switch models with ultra-low packet transmission delays).
Interesting fact: even the most basic VPS has a network connection of 10 Gbit without restrictions and shaping.
The difference between using the Cloud and VPS is that when you buy a cloud, you purchase resources and create virtual machines, using them in any proportion using one of the best control panels for managing cloud infrastructure - OpArr.

Cloud hosting is recommended for use in an Enterprise environment, its cost is higher than similar VPS resources, but the ability to manage a large number of virtual machines is significantly higher. Some people call this service a Virtual Data Center.

Dedicated Servers - Dedicated Servers

Every server configuration and every server offered to you has been carefully verified and tested before being put into operation. We only use servers from Supermicro.

With each purchase of the server, you are guaranteed to get:

- 1 gbit connection directly to switch aggregation (dedicated) without shaping
- 15 TB of traffic (we allow more)
- IPMI / KVM interface for each server
- Control Panel (PTR, free DNS hosting, IPMI access control)
- Round-the-clock monitoring and Live Chat support service

Our company provides secure access to each client IPMI/KVM-a special administrative server management interface that allows you to look even into the BIOS and boot the system from any ISO file or over the network from the comfort of your home.
All IPMI/KVM of our clients are protected from attacks.

For just 10% of the cost of the server, you have the opportunity to activate free protection against all types of DDOS attacks up to 10 Gbps and any number of PPS. We are the developers of our own attack filtering technology that will protect your game, web, or any other server from all types of attacks up to 400 Gbps, including SYN Flood, Spoofed SYN Flood, UDP Amplification, UDP spoofed flood, and just UDP flood, TCP garbage, and hundreds of other types of attacks.

Configuration of the Omega S server:

E3-1270 Intel Xeon
3.4 GHz 4 cores
32 GB DDR3-1333 ECC memory
2 x 256 GB SSD Drives

Only 228 USD per month. The minimum subscription is 1 month.

[+] Discounts!

For you, our dear customers, who are lucky enough to read the text of this topic - an eternal 20% discount%
Voucher code: SERVERCLOUD

[+] Our company provides other services!

- Content Delivery Network (a traffic delivery system for optimizing website loading speed and video streams)
- Bittorrent Sync (data storage service over the BtSync protocol)
- Colocation (placing your network equipment in our data center, or buying equipment on your order)
- Protection against DDoS attacks of any scale and for any situation

Any questions? We have Live Chat 24 hours for everyone
Here you can try VPS and Cloud hosting for free!

[+] Payment methods (instant)
Credit cards
Electronic currencies: Paypal, QIWI, Webmoney, Perfect Money
Exotics: BTC, NXT, LTC
as well as by Bank Payment.
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